Obama by the numbers

Obama by the numbers By Herman Cain “By almost every economic measure — every economic measure, America is better off when I — better off than when I came here. That is the truth. That’s true.” – President Obama June 1, 2016 That’s not the first time President Obama has made that statement, which is […]


Obama’s response: Disgraceful, insane, perverse

via Obama’s response: Disgraceful, insane, perverse     President Obama’s predictable reaction to the latest heinous, unprovoked terrorist massacre of innocent citizens on American soil would be embarrassing if it weren’t so disgraceful. This man’s term can’t end quickly enough. There is just no excuse for Obama’s warped moral compass – the way he excuses […]


Michelle Obama still irritated by eligibility questions

Michelle Obama It has been nearly eight years since Barack Obama was elected to the White House, but the president’s wife is now admitting she is still very bothered by an issue that has haunted her husband since he burst onto the national political scene: his legal eligibility to serve as president. On Saturday, first […]

Democrats to the American people - sit down and shut up we'll tell you what's good for you and if you don't like it screw you

Half in US Remain Confident in obama and 45 Percent Won’t Pay Federal Income Tax

So Newsmax has two articles I will post links to. One of the article was titled that half of America is confident in obama’s economic leadership. http://www.newsmax.com/StreetTalk/gallup-barack-obama-economy-leadership/2016/04/18/id/724433/ The other article  states that 45% of us will not pay any income taxes http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/americans-federal-income-tax/2016/04/18/id/724483/ I am willing to bet this 45% is the majority of the 50% […]