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Guest Post by: Infadelicious Disqus’ Record Over the past year Disqus’ problem resolution record has been abysmal .  I have watched several of my friends being doxxed, their addresses, real name, occupation etc posted over and over again on line. 3 of my friends have deleted their accounts, since Disqus’s inaction left them no choice […]

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Vote Manipulation

Time to unite to end these shenanigans.

 As the World Burns Hello fellow Disqus users who have been seeking answers to many questions that surround the Disqus shenanigans that have been transpiring for a while. Many of you have been fighting these problems for a long time, some of us for a short time and some are new to the fray. It […]

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Evaporating Upvotes: FINALLY Some Answers

For anyone who is concerned about their upvotes on Disqus, I have some official, and some unofficial answers here. Disqus keeps records of votes by mapping the post, the user, and the vote ( -1 for downvote, 1 for upvote, and 0 if you change your mind and cancel a vote). Channel System Impact on […]