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No to gun control, yes to sin control

It’s a bad time for America to be thinking about more gun control. There are only two ways to reduce crime, terrorism and attacks on liberty: To build a society that is moral, well-informed, well-armed and, thus, capable of self-governance; or To rely on armed police to protect us from crime, terrorism and attacks on […]

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Obama nemesis Dinesh D’Souza unleashes on Hillary

NEW YORK – Obama nemesis, bestselling author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has launched a new website supporting his forthcoming book “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party.” A feature film related to the book, “Hillary’s America,” will open in more than 1,500 theaters nationwide July 22, three days before the Democratic National Convention […]

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Freddie Gray police acquittals a blow to Baltimore’s Mosby

BALTIMORE, June 26, 2016 – Baltimore Police Department officer Caesar Goodson, the driver of the van that Freddie Gray was placed in after being arrested, was acquitted for his involvement in the Gray’s death. This makes the second acquittal of the police officers involved in the Freddie Gray case. Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero was […]


ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO INDICT HILLARY : Clinton broke the law with malice and forethought

Republican California Rep. Darrell Issa said that there is enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton for mishandling national security information on her private email server. “There is more than enough for an indictment,” Issa, the former House Oversight Committee chairman, told Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius/XM Patriot Channel 125. Issa explained: The statute about classified […]


Florida: America’s Jihad Playground

Florida: America’s Jihad Playground Michelle Malkin The home of the “Happiest Place on Earth” has been breeding killer jihadists and Muslim zealots for years. Omar Mateen, the cold-blooded mass murderer who gunned down 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub and wounded 53 more before police took him out late Sunday, may have worked alone. […]


Obama by the numbers

Obama by the numbers By Herman Cain “By almost every economic measure — every economic measure, America is better off when I — better off than when I came here. That is the truth. That’s true.” – President Obama June 1, 2016 That’s not the first time President Obama has made that statement, which is […]