The regressive left, the progressive right


I was at a party in Beverly Hills last night with a reality star turned movie producer, and as we debated the details of Brexit and the anti-Second Amendment sit-in executed by Democrats in D.C. this week, he said the words, “I trust my government.” I had to admit that in my conservative circles, I had…

  • The liberal progressives are taking us back to the dark ages

  • REM1875

    Words do matter, they convey thoughts that we build upon or tear down with, It is a shame that our fair, unbiased rabid leftist press seem to control the word game.

    • And the courts look at what Justice Thomas said today in his dissent

      As the Court applies whatever standard it
      likes to any given case, nothing but empty words separates
      our constitutional decisions from judicial fiat.

      Today’s decision will prompt some to claim victory, just
      as it will stiffen opponents’ will to object. But the entire
      Nation has lost something essential. The majority’s embrace
      of a jurisprudence of rights-specific exceptions and
      balancing tests is “a regrettable concession of defeat—an
      acknowledgement that we have passed the point where
      ‘law,’ properly speaking, has any further application.”
      Scalia, The Rule of Law as a Law of Rules, 56 U. Chi.
      L. Rev. 1175, 1182 (1989). I