No to gun control, yes to sin control


It’s a bad time for America to be thinking about more gun control. There are only two ways to reduce crime, terrorism and attacks on liberty: To build a society that is moral, well-informed, well-armed and, thus, capable of self-governance; or To rely on armed police to protect us from crime, terrorism and attacks on liberty.…

  • What the liberals fail to realize, is that it is their immoral culture that gives rise to mass shootings. It is their immoral culture which disgusts most of the people of the world. Time we turn our backs on the immoral left, and if they insist on forcing their ways on society, it is time to crush them.

    • REM1875

      Well said, it is the immorality of the left that is responsible.

      • And yet they bury their heads in the sand when we point this out