Why will people allow hillary to be elected than to vote for Trump


So we all know that Trump is no true Conservative and that he is a NY yankee.

What we do know is that trump is against the USSC ruling of social issues

“On June 26, 2015, following the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, Trump tweeted, “Once again the Bush appointed Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has let us down. Jeb pushed him hard! Remember!”

Trump is on record as being pro states rights on social issues as he feels it is none of the feds business.

So why is it the Trump haters are so out of touch with reality

Look at these threads on Newsmax


In this one titled

Va. Delegate Files Suit to Avoid Voting for Trump


We have a delegate suing the RNC so he can avoid having to do his duty he pledged to do.

So of course this delegate is wrong,  he has no claim,  as it is established law that delegates have to abide by RNC rules of the time.

What is interesting is in the comment section, you had an anti-Trumper,  (Paul) who when you look at his previous history he tends to oppose the democrats.

But on this issue he is knee deep in bed with the democrats and would rather give hillary the WH than support Trump.

Than in another Thread we had 2Tone attacking all who support Trump,  yet he claims not to be a leftist,  yet his actions all point towards supporting hillary


Hillary Widens Lead Over Trump in Two Major Polls



So the real question I have is,  are the Conservatives who oppose Trump really going to go so far as to give hillary the WH.


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  • It is time to rally behind Trump. While he is not a Conservative, he is way better than hillary, besides check out his list of who he would like to seat on the USSC. With the two party system we have in place, a vote for say the Social Liberal Johnson, is a vote for hillary

  • Scooby Doobydoo

    Trump demonstrates amazingly poor judgement on a daily basis with nearly every sentence that comes from his mouth.

    • Ferd

      Most of the Trump haters have never listened to the words that come out of his mouth.
      Most read the media spin and run with it.
      The rest are just die hard Liberals and would never vote for anyone but a Democrat.

    • And your proof of this is what

      • NoCoincidences

        Velma told him with a Scooby-snack.

    • NoCoincidences

      Yes, 0bama demonstrates amazingly dangerous and intended actions on an hourly basis with every dial of his phone and stroke of his pen. Just as the elected rinos have done everything counter, and in spite of, the voters, that elected or re-elected them into office, with flat out lies and empty promises. The establishment has accustomed themselves into lavishly haughty comforts at our expense. Killary will be no different than 0bama, except to which degree, the dangerous destruction she’ll implement to finish 0bama’s fundamental trannyformation of America, will rate. At least with TRUMP, that alleged “poor judgement on a daily basis” will not be robotically employed with the types of lies that 0bama likes uttilizing for his criminal agenda. TRUMP 2016

  • stevenskane

    The person who wrote this ought to learn English. It is nearly unintelligible. “Knee deep in bed?” Give me a break!

    • Sorry if you are not informed on the issues so you can respond with an intelligent answer. Go back to your leftist masters and ask them what you should post

      • stevenskane

        Poor writing has nothing to do with the opinions expressed. The fact that we are conservatives does not mean that we have to be illiterate. Are you claiming that in order to write correctly one must be a leftist?

        • imwithstoopid

          Better get used to it, more to come.

        • NoCoincidences

          Leftists do not write correctly, they just attempt to copy their daily talking points email in order to regurgitate it as if it’s an original personal opinion– to no avail.
          And, btw, if killary should win, and she has her way in importing more hordes of illegal invaders and muslims, you will not be too concerned with their literacy, or lack thereof. It would behoove you to worry more about your neck, head, and overall life, instead. But, your call, oh Mighty Spelling Bee.. Good luck!

        • LOL. Maybe you have not been exposed to many different dialects

  • Lance H

    The “Never Trump” people believe they are standing on principle, which will likely usher in another four years of anti-Americanism in the White House and continue apace the destruction of our country. Somehow they believe this to be a morally superior path than holding their nose and pulling the lever for the lesser of two evils. I get it; I am getting tired of doing that as well, but with decades of future SCOTUS rulings in the balance and the country already on the ropes to an extent not seen in our lifetimes, this isn’t the time for the stand they are taking. Our country can’t afford a Clinton presidency. Losing this battle will not help us win the war. Lose this battle, and we lose the war.

    • Well stated and so true. They did this with Rommney as well. We are stuck with a two Party system, like it or not 3rd party guys like Johnson only help the left

    • NoCoincidences

      “Lose this battle, and we lose” our nation and our future.

      • imwithstoopid

        Lose this battle and we lose the multiple party system period.