• Richard

    Great post! I find it especially compelling that Hillary shut down the investigation of that mosque… and yes, Obama’s DOJ after San Bernadino… what idiots he and Lynch are.

    Speaking of.. all this came about the DOJ went after people who reported the Clock Boy in Texas. What ever came of that? I haven’t heard any more about it… anyone know?

    • I forgot all about the clock boy, I thought he went to Quatar or one of those Gulf countries and then wanted to come back.

      • Richard

        I thought he or the DOJ was suing the people that reported him… in fact, I KNOW the DOJ was moving in that direction, but I haven’ heard much since.

        • Sock

          Clock Boy will slide back into the country to claim his Harvard scholarship. He’ll be another great failure of a Radical Leftist Clap-Trap College.

  • SquirePraggerstope

    What exactly are the legal implications of a ban on gun purchase by those on a watch list for having some suspected involvement with terrorist organisations?

    • Sisyphus

      Considering that it is ‘secret’ and there is no due process involved in the method of adding a name, using the “no-fly list or the T.W.L. to prohibit any right is illegal, immoral and unconstitutional.

  • Sock

    Ok, I saw some ragheads the other day and told them they should highly consider leaving the country. I’ll bet their excuse to not respond was because I was open carrying but it’s not like that is always the case when I tell the wetbacks to go home either. Wetbacks argue back especially if they are not alone which is always fun. Thinking you are safer in numbers is not smart.

    • MadeInMichigan

      You sound like a terrible person.

    • FrRabbit

      Helluvafunny comment, Sock! I know just what you mean.