Obama ‘ignoring basic law enforcement’


via Obama ‘ignoring basic law enforcement’


Haney reacted strongly to the revelation the shooter in Orlando was a longtime employee of a federal contractor. He decried the government’s inability or unwillingness to perform even basic tasks of intelligence gathering.

“The level of disinformation the Obama administration is providing is astonishing to me considering it only took me three or four hours to do what I call the first-level analysis to connect the dots between the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce all the way to the case I worked at NTC (the National Targeting Center),” Haney said.

“I’m not claiming this kind of work would have prevented the attack,” he said. “What I’m claiming is something even more fundamental than that. We’re not even doing the first-level law enforcement analysis of these organizations and individuals that would give us the foundation to allow us to determine what threat these groups pose. We’re not doing that. The administration is not even doing basic law enforcement.”

Haney also alleged the Department of Homeland Security is consulting with and being advised by some of the very people who need to be investigated for ties to terrorism.

“The Department of Homeland Security, specifically the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, has appointed well-known individuals affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood front groups since at least 2008,” Haney charged. “The macro answer is DHS has been infiltrated by Islamic extremists. That’s why I was in such an adversarial relationship with the Obama administration, because I had the audacity to keep pointing out these people are not our friends. You shouldn’t be bringing them into the law enforcement arena, allowing them to look over our shoulders at what we’re doing, and then giving them the authority to create, implement and enforce both domestic and foreign policy. Which is exactly what they did.”

Haney identified the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim American Society and the Muslim Students of America as among the problematic groups.
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