Obama by the numbers


Obama by the numbers


“By almost every economic measure — every economic measure, America is better off when I — better off than when I came here. That is the truth. That’s true.” – President Obama June 1, 2016

That’s not the first time President Obama has made that statement, which is not true. But he and his liberal minions keep saying it so people will start believing it. They have done that throughout his presidency, and the liberal gullible media lets him get away with it. But we will not!

Here are some facts, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor and the Census Bureau:

During Obama’s first seven years in office, the Gross Domestic Product growth rate has not exceeded 2.5 percent in any year. That has not happened in the last fifty years under any other president. So a slow growth economy is not the new normal as President Obama wants people to believe.

The real unemployment rate at the end of 2015 was 11 percent. It was not the reported 5.4 percent if you count people who have dropped out of the workforce. The reported number also includes people who say in the surveys that they worked at least one hour a week. That’s not a job! That’s unemployed!

President Obama continues to talk about the number of new jobs created during his tenure, but he never mentions the jobs lost or eliminated during that time. An average of 260,000 new jobless claims are reported by the Labor Department every week, whereas new jobs created each month are usually less than 200,000 (In May 2016 it was 38,000.) You do the math!

The U.S. poverty rate in 2009 when Obama took office was 14.3 percent. At the end of 2015 it was 14.5 percent, or 46.4 million people, and the population is bigger. That’s 2.5 million more people below the poverty line in seven years.

Citizens on food stamps (oh, it’s the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program . . . excuse my political incorrectness) has increased from 33.5 million to 45.8 million at the end of 2015. In 2016 it is close to 48 million.

ObamaCare has caused health insurance premiums and deductibles to skyrocket, which has caused more people to be without health insurance, despite Obama’s claims that more people are now covered. I hear it all the time from callers and people I meet, and the administration does not have the numbers to prove otherwise.

President Obama is obviously not talking about these economic measures.

I didn’t even touch on national insecurity, energy dependence, the climate change crisis lie, weakening our military strength, a failed VA system and numerous foreign affairs failures, because by now you get the point.

And this is the legacy Hillary wants to protect and continue! It would be a bad day in America if that happens. Obama’s legacy will be one of the worst presidential legacies in history, and historians will not be as dismissive as the liberal media.

President Obama and his minions depend upon the “stupidity of the American people”

President Obama and his minions depend upon the “stupidity of the American people” as admitted by Jonathan Gruber, and the naïveté of the young and gullible liberal media reporters as admitted by White House staffer Ben Rhodes.

It does matter that we are telling you the truth, because more and more people are waking up to the truth. And! Because people are tired of being played for stupid.

By nearly all economic measures based on the facts, regardless of the narrative you want people to believe, Mr. President, people are not better off than when you took office.

That is the truth.





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  • As obama and his team destroy the country

  • Sock

    I think we are going to hear how much of a “Wonderful” president was for a very long time when by the numbers he has been the absolute worst. Reminds me of Clinton and Carter neither could fight their way out of a wet paper bag but are still asked to be diplomats for liberal dorksmanship.

    • Infidel51

      You’re spot on. The liberal worshippers of all the progressive cults will protect his legacy at all cost. I predict it will be at least a decade before an honest assessment of his tenure claws it’s way to the forefront.

  • Infidel51

    Well said. Excellent synopsis.