Judge Gonzalo Curiel May Be the Racist…not Trump


Appears Judge Gonzalo Curiel May Be the Racist…not Trump


Before getting into the racially challenged Judge Curiel, here is a brief history of La Raza for those who are, yet, unfamiliar with the organization. I started writing about La Raza (and MEChA) in 2006. Both of these are virulent racist anti-white organizations that want to have US land ceded to Mexico, will affect riots and all manner of violence to do so and have gotten a pass from the current administration. Instead, Obama appointed former Head of La Raza Cecilia Munoz to 2 positions in his White House…that of Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and the position she currently maintains as the Director of the White House Council. Munoz has been with the ObamaGov since it began in January 2009. She wields a great deal of power. And is, arguably, one of the strongest racists in his administration.

The Southwest Council of La Raza (SWCLR) was founded in 1968, and with funding from—amongst others—the leftist Ford Foundation, it quickly became the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).  La Raza means “The Race” and it began as a Mexican-specific organization.  The group’s motto is “Everything for The Race.  Outside The Race…Nothing!”  La Raza is a hard-line Marxist organization and it openly expresses hatred for white people.

Even Marxist Cesar Chavez talked against the group when he commented “I hear more and more Mexicans talking about la raza—to build up their pride. Some people don’t look at it as racism, but when you say ‘La Raza,’ you are saying an anti-gringo thing, and it won’t stop there. Today it’s anti-gringo, tomorrow it will be anti-Negro. We had a stupid guy who just wanted to play politics with the union, and he began to whip up La Raza against the white volunteers, and even had some of the farm workers and the pickets and the organizers hung up on La Raza. So I took him on. These things have to be met head on. On discrimination, I don’t even give the members the privilege of a vote, and I’m not ashamed of it. No, the whole business of discrimination can’t exist here. So often, these days, the leaders are afraid, and even though they feel strongly against racism, they will not speak out against it. If the leadership is united, then it can say, ‘All right, if you’re going to do things that way, then you’ll have to get rid of us.’ You have to speak out immediately, the first time.”

Judge Curiel is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association.  Most of these attorney groups claim they have “no affiliation with NCLR”.  However, they seem to follow the same tenets as the national group, including, but not limited to, support for illegal immigrants (specifically Mexican, Latino, Hispanic) entering the USA.

Continuing to flout US law, Judge Curiel also, gave US school scholarships to Mexican illegal aliens.  An Obama-appointed judge who won’t obey laws he doesn’t like.  Hmmm.  Sound familiar?  And Gotnews.com has searched naturalization records, but could find none showing that Curiel’s parents who migrated from Mexico were ever US citizens.

Yes, folks.  It appears Mr. Trump is correct.  And who is the real racist?  To me…it certainly doesn’t appear to be Trump.

We must all remain vigilant, now, and watch what people do; listen to what they say and then investigate both.  It’s essential to survival.

“This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand”—.Matthew 13:13



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  • Thank you for helping to clear this up. There’s so much disinformation going on with this leftist La Raza judge, it’s refreshing to see the truth posted…

    Since this judge has taken an oath office, and has provided aid and comfort to self-proclaimed enemies of the United States, according to the 14th Amendment, § 3, he is ineligible from serving in his current capacity and also ANY public office at the State or Federal levels.

    • Thomas

      I have two questions:

      – What is the reason Trump maintains his clothing line in Mexico relying on cheap Mexican labor while railing against this judge?

      – Isn’t Trump’s business in Mexico in essence supporting “the race” and empowering Mexicans to call his bluff, not to mention all those working class Americans he purports to support being cheated?

      Good morning Dr T!

      • Good morning, Thomas ☺
        – three people working in Mexico on Trump’s clothing line are still in Mexico . In other words, they’re not breaking the law here. Trump is taking an active part in reducing illegal immigration by giving potential illegals a reason to stay (and not become illegal)
        – I could see your point in the second point. However, each person working in Mexico is potentially one fewer person here illegally, which depresses wages here even more.

        • Thomas

          I’d rather have him be congruent with his campaign promises to produce jobs for Americans, which he is not doing by getting in cooks and waitresses on H1b visas, and we do have plenty of American cooks and waitresses in desperate need of employment.

          Protectionism entails supporting clothing “Made in America,” doesn’t it? Anyway, if as you maintain this somehow keeps Mexicans in Mexico, there is no need to build the wall, is there?

          Trump is a charlatan, whose actions do not match his rhetoric. The only reason that as a conservative I will vote for him is to prevent a Hillary presidency.

          • I do not believe that H1B visa’s are for cooks and waitresses


            What is the H-1B visa category?

            The H-1B is a temporary (nonimmigrant) visa category that allows employers to petition for highly educated foreign professionals to work in “specialty occupations” that require at least a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. Jobs in fields such as mathematics, engineering, and technology often qualify. Typically, the initial duration of an H-1B visa classification is three years, which may be extended for a maximum of six years.

            Of course this program is being gamed, it is for more technical occupations than say cooks and waitresses.

            Being that liberal policy chases jobs out of the country, this is why we need a person like Trump, who would start tearing down these liberal policies that hamper job creation in America

          • Thomas

            “A Reuters’ analysis of Department of Labor data shows that nine Trump-majority-owned companies have applied to bring waitresses, cooks, vineyard workers, and other laborers into the country on foreign worker visas.”

            Full text:


          • You are confused about the H1 and H2 programs.

            The H-2B program, which receives little government oversight, is used by companies in sectors ranging from hospitality to forestry to hire foreign workers for temporary jobs. Companies must prove that the jobs are seasonal – and that they tried and failed to hire Americans.

            Which is different than the H1B, which is for technical people.

          • Thomas

            Makes no difference to me. The end result is taking advantage of loopholes to deny Americans jobs and hire cheap foreign labor for low wage and no benefits. That’s not protectionism but an embrace of foreign “talent” while plenty of domestic talent is looking for work.

          • This goes to the argument where Americans will not do certain jobs, like bending over and picking crops in the fields, so yes many seasonal farm jobs do go to foreign workers from South of the border countries, and again that is H2 not H1. On the H1, I would ask why our schools are not educating our people in the technology, and why companies are forced to get people from India to do the Tech Jobs. The plenty of local talent looking for work are in jobs destroyed by liberal ideology that forces jobs out of the country

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            We can’t have those factories here in the United States.
            Here we have laws against child labor, we have minimum wage, we have OSHA safety requirements, restrictions on emissions and disposal of bi-products. Not to mention employee health insurance.

            If we pay for all of that, how are they going to afford the nets they have to put on the building to keep employees from committing suicide?

          • That is not the reason why we cannot have those factories here. You liberals destroyed those jobs here to make people jobless and dependent on the government, hence enslaving the people to the government.
            So shut your lying trap ahole

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Destroyed those jobs by having minimum wage, safety, and child labor laws?

          • Wrong again

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            !suspend pauljones6482 name calling.

          • LOL, you really do not get it, I say next time you leftists use violence at a trump rally, we start shooting you leftists like the dogs you really are

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            !suspend pauljones6482 threats of violence.

          • No threats

          • Screechy the Liar’s Limousine

            . .


          • Screechy the Liar’s Limousine

            . .

          • Excellent

          • Screechy the Liar’s Limousine

            When he does it five times during the same day, he’s begging for the ridicule.

          • True, it is obvious he is incapable of learning anything

          • Thomas

            My first upvote for you 😉

          • Here we have unions. Unions which are perfectly happy to let their host companies die, or move to Mexico. There’s a reason that only 7% (or fewer) of the US workforce is unionized in the private sector: if it’s cheaper to be done elsewhere, it will be done elsewhere.

            The only exception, of course, is work that can’t be outsourced: government jobs. And, thanks to unions, several entire cities are going bankrupt. If I had a choice, I’d rather move to Mexico than deal with unions. Fortunately, there are no software development unions. Want to know why?

            Software development requires intelligence.

          • Screechy the Liar’s Limousine

            You mean to tell us that union slobs keep pricing their labor well beyond what the market for that labor will bear?!? Naaah! Say it ain’t so, Joe Biden!


          • They are completely useless. I’ve been doing a lot of travel lately, and yesterday, I used a kiosk at a McDonald’s that allowed me to place my custom order, pay, grab a number card, and sit down, and a few minutes later, someone brought food to our booth. No human interaction, No possibility of human error. And this technology would not be possible without the looming threat of a $15/hr minimum wage. The ramp-up time that some states are giving companies to more slowly increase to minimum wage? That’s their timetable for automating their stores. And the $15/hr minimum wage thing was pushed largely by unions, because several union contracts index their pay based on minimum wage.

            There is a way that unions could be relevant and even respected again, but I’m afraid to let too many people know because right now, unions are just an ATM for the Democrat Party.

          • MadeInMichigan

            “McDonald’s kiosks have been in development globally since 2011, well before movements to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour had galvanized in the U.S. McDonald’s has always cited food customization issues (not automation) as its goal in adding kiosks in test markets. Finally, no evidence has been presented by anyone spreading the rumor to prove kiosks represent any overall cost savings to fast food restaurants (as they must be purchased, programmed, maintained, partially manned, and otherwise are themselves a cost of doing business). While it’s true McDonald’s has been testing kiosks for self-serve ordering since 2011, it is false that the chain has done so specifically or primarily in response to minimum wage increases.”


          • Snopes is partisan and routinely slants its stories leftward.

          • MadeInMichigan

            I knew that you would attack the source. I’ve seen WelderChick use it, so I figured it was okay for me to use it. Well, here is a quote from McDonald’s themselves:

            “Earlier today, I asked McDonald’s whether it had any plans to reduce labor costs using touchscreens. Spokeswoman Terri Hickey writes back:


            To clarify, there are currently touchscreens being used as part of a Create Your Taste burger customization test that is ongoing right now in four restaurants in California. Customers customize their burgers, choosing from various toppings on touchscreens. The dining experience is interactive at McDonald’s and our restaurant staff who are participating in the four-restaurant test have shared that interacting with customers is still an engaging and important part of their jobs at McDonald’s.”


          • So if they move from a test to actual implementation, they won’t make staffing changes?

            Also, both the industry you’re in and the industry I’m in have a job title “Architect”. The difference between yours and software development (mine) is that in mine, we generally expect that new advancements will come along and build off what is already in place, especially if what is already in place is touted as a “test”.

            Apparently, this is a foreign concept to you.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Look at Paris, France. They’ve had the kiosks for awhile and they are being ignored. Most people still go to the counter to order, just like most people in grocery stores go to the checkout lanes manned by humans and ignore the self checkouts.

            In construction, architects have quite a bit of freedom to make unique designs but they can’t ignore load and span restrictions when doing so. You can’t test out a span that goes beyond what is safe and acceptable.

          • A software architect builds change management into their process. The best example of this in real world architecture I can think of is this: a bridge was being built which would replace the existing bridge, which was still in heavy use.

            So they built the bridge on a rotating platform or something like that, the entire bridge was built, and then one day, they destroyed the existing bridge and rotated the new bridge into place, and locked it into place.

            A systems architect may install a database server on an elastic cloud architecture, so it can grow as needed. A software architect may build “hooks” into their code, or even a full Application Programming Interface so that others can work with their code, changing it in ways they may not have anticipated, but still in ways they have designed. This is why we have to consider thoroughly the things that could be built off of what we put into place.

            The law of unintended consequences is highly prevalent in software design and legislation.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Or unintended consequences of pushing a lie too far. It might make somebody forget about something someone asked them not to do.

          • I know what you mean about forgetting things, Maid in Michigan.  Hey, what was your name before this?  Thomas? Tyler? Tobias? Toby? Tony? Timothy? Travis? Theodore? Trent? Todd?  I know it was one of those. Maybe it was two?

          • MadeInMichigan

            A retraction of the pedophile lie would be great. As would asking Phoenix to cut it off.

          • Screechy the Liar’s Limousine

            The Democrat-union axis appears to be the closest humankind has ever come to perfecting a perpetual-motion machine: Democrats get elected, hire more union workers, unions negotiate higher pay, more dues flow into the unions’ coffers, campaign contributions to Democrats increase accordingly, more Democrats get elected… lather, rinse and repeat indefinitely. It’s pretty clever way of legalizing theft without having to pay the price for committing the real thing, actually.

            A new Mickey D’s opened up about a 10-minute walk from our home last year, and it operates that way, too. My best guess is that, at lunchtime, the kiosks had replaced two flesh-and-blood workers.

          • MadeInMichigan

            What is your vision of a perfect America? How does Dr. Thomas fix everything of he were to become President?

          • In the case of unions? Unions and Vocational/Technical training merge. Unions become 501(c)(3), like churches or Planned Parenthood. This doesn’t completely remove political donations, but makes it a little more of a challenge to be as blatant about it.

            Unions set minimum standards of skill and timeliness for the jobs in their industry, and educate people on regulatory challenges in their industry and area. The first year is in education and getting the most basic skillset. The second year, the students apprentice with someone, during which time, they make some money, but not union scale. Based on testing, and the needs of the industry, more training, etc, the tradesman will be able to take a certification test or tests, to graduate to full union scale. Regular continuing education courses and tests, including learning new tools and techniques for the industry, are required to remain a member of the union in good standing.

            The unions work *with* the companies to see which tools and techniques, and performance standards, are required. Union members would be paid better, but the larger companies which can afford them save money by not having to redo substandard tasks or train their workers. The union, in this case, would be the pinnacle of expertise in an industry, sought after by the companies which now try to do whatever they can to avoid them.

            This makes unions relevant session, solves the crushing student loan debt problem, gets people working again, makes minimum wage something understood to be temporary, for people in training, and allows companies to be able to plan for productivity rates, and thus able to plan their projects further out reliably.

            It seems like a perfect plan, which is why it will never be implemented.

          • MadeInMichigan

            If corporations can donate massive amounts of money to politicians, labor unions can too. And no plan is perfect. Besides labor unions, what do you think your perfect vision of America would be like concerning Muslims and homosexuals?

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Software development is being outsourced to India, not Mexico. Many Software jobs that are remaining in the US are being converted to independent contractors instead of employees. Want to know why? Employers don’t have to pay for benefits, worker’s comp, or deal with taking out your income tax and social security payments. Plus, it’s easier to let you go when you are no longer useful.

          • Software development generally requires an IQ higher than your typical union member – CERTAINLY higher than your typical union steward. That’s why you’ll never see a “Database Administrators Local 32” or “JavaScript Developers Local 0x08A1 ” .

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Independent contractors don’t unionize.

          • Not all software developers are independent contractors. In fact , that’s actually rather rare in the field. So I don’t know what point you’re trying to make, but I would encourage you to try harder.

          • Anyway, if as you maintain this somehow keeps Mexicans in Mexico, there is no need to build the wall, is there?

            It keeps the Mexicans who work there in Mexico. However, due to the horribly corrupt nature of the government in Mexico, it is not as safe of an environment for businesses and business owners to do well.

            My personal thought on it is that if 10% of a country is in another country, because the conditions of the first country are so deplorable that people feel that they have no chance in their home country, then perhaps it’s time for the second country (the one being invaded) to take action to change the government of the first. And then install a government that will actually listen to the people.

          • They need to go to the USA to spend their tourist dollars.

          • Thomas

            Hey I agree. I’m not confident Trump will affect the dynamic but it remains to be seen if he gets in.

      • Why does he maintain his clothing line in Mexico, Probably because liberal policies makes it to expensive to hire the workers here, Hence to keep the clothes Affordable, he has the clothes made in Mexico . His business in Mexico is employing Mexicans in Mexico, hence they are not illegals here

    • So very true, lets hear it for Trump for exposing this guy for what he really is

      • Religion destroyed the GOP

        Let’s hear it for Trump for exposing himself and the Republican party for what they really are.

        • LOL, you have nothing

        • Penicillin Resistant

          What did he expose them for being?

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Apparently more racist than religious based on who he beat in the primaries.

          • Yet you and your liberal fellow travelers are way more racist than Trump and the Republicans

          • Penicillin Resistant

            Well, at least you concern yourself with the important things… /sarc

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            There is nothing conservative about Donald Trump.

          • Penicillin Resistant

            I know. Thanks. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m drunk enough to figure out what your point is.

          • No one is claiming he is a Conservative

    • MadeInMichigan

      The judge isn’t a member of La Raza.

      • The lawyers’ association to which Judge Gonzalo Curiel belongs was co-founded by a man who publicly bragged about Hispanics taking over California and all of the state’s governmental institutions–and insisted that whites should go back to Europe. The group, the California La Raza Lawyers Association, has been widely defended as “not pro-Mexican” by mainstream media outlets, though the outlets failed to report the inflammatory statements of the man listed first as a founder, Mario Obledo.

        If the judge was a member of the KKK Lawyer’s Group, and others were reporting he was a member of the KKK, you would be right to say that he’s not actually a member of the KKK. However,I would be right to say, and others would be right to believe, that he is a racist with racist beliefs and racist affiliations.

        So as much as you want to deceive by saying what you say, and hope that people will infer that the judge is not a racist with racist sympathies, that will not work here.

        • MadeInMichigan

          You wouldn’t be right to say that. In fact, saying that makes you an ignorant moron.

          • Curiel is a member of the California La Raza Lawyer’s Association (its San Diego chapter, to which Curiel belongs, lists the pro-illegal group the National Council of La Raza, as a community member) — and it has also been revealed that one of the founders of the La Raza Lawyer’s Association called for California to be turned into a “Hispanic State” and that whites should “go back to Europe.”

            Either you believe it is not racist to say that blacks should go back to Africa, or you’re a hypocrite.

            Or maybe, just maybe, you’re the “ignorant moron”.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Please provide a quote from the founder of the lawyers association where they say this. Also provide proof that Trump’s judge agrees with this supposed statement. Everything I’ve read says the association is non political. So, you are the moron.

          • How about this quote from the far-right New York Times:

            He ignited an explosive response in 1998 when he said in a radio interview that Hispanics were on the way to taking over all of California’s political institutions. He suggested that people who did not like it go back to Europe.


            Trump’s judge willingly belongs to a group co-founded by the man who said what was paraphrased as “people who don’t like it can go back to Europe”. In case you want to diminish the obvious racial meaning there, Europe is not known as the origin of any racial group except whites.

            Why are you so eager to provide rhetorical support for yet another objectively immoral group of people?

            Oh, that’s right, you’re a leftist.

          • MadeInMichigan

            He didn’t say that all white people should go back to Europe. He said that racist white people who have a problem with Hispanics in powerful positions should leave. That really isn’t racist. You also provide no proof that Trump’s judge is biased against white people or racist in any way.

          • “White people should leave”
            Well, that sounds rather racist to me.

          • MadeInMichigan

            When you leave out the context it might sound racist. When you include the context of racist white people who don’t like people of color in positions of power it isn’t so racist. He never said that all white people should go back to Europe.

          • He did no such thing.

          • Actually he did say that

          • Also, you can lay off the name-calling or you can be suspended for a few days to cool off. You’re obviously not capable of debating in a calm, rational manner. Apparently you’re starting to feel the pressure of your immoral positions on these issues, and are taking it out on conservatives.

            This has been your MO for years now. Rather than being so upset at the objective immorality of your beliefs and having to defend them, maybe you could consider that your beliefs may need to be reevaluated?

          • MadeInMichigan

            The person who continually lied about me supporting pedophiles is worried about name calling? Okay. Please stop with your personal attacks is and lies about me.

          • !suspend tyler_durden2 2 name calling
            The correct answer is “ok, sorry I crossed the line by calling you a moron.”

            I accurately pointed out how your words, which demonstrated an attempt to get regular people to stand down from their vigilance against pedophiles, show support for the same. If you have a problem with that, stop telling people that they don’t need to worry about or fight against pedophiles.

            In a couple days, I’m hoping you’ll be settled down enough to be rational.

          • Dogs Of War

            Dr. Thomas [ᔕᗰᑎᑕ] (6/12/2016 5:44 PM)!suspend tyler_durden2 2 name calling
            The correct answer is “ok, sorry I crossed the line by calling you a moron.”

            I accurately pointed out how your words, which demonstrated an attempt to get regular people to stand down from their vigilance against pedophiles, show support for the same. If you have a problem with that, stop telling people that they don’t need to worry about or fight against pedophiles.

            In a couple days, I’m hoping you’ll be settled down enough to be rational.

            User @tyler_durden2:disqus suspended successfully for 2 Day(s).

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            So MadeInMichigan gets suspended for calling someone a moron, but pauljones6482 can call me an ahole?
            I see how this works……

          • When you lie and come here spreading leftist talking points, you can expect to get called on your lies.

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            I guess it isn’t Uncensored news after all. Only one opinion is allowed.

          • No one is blocking you

          • If you support homosexuals you support pedophiles

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            There are plenty of pedophiles that sexually assault children of the opposite sex.
            If you support heterosexuals you support pedophiles

          • Go choke yourself

          • That’s his defense mechanism. Everyone but him (and his leftist, New Atheist friends — like the pro-abortion Expect Resistance) is a liar, a coward, a troll. etc etc ad infinitum.

          • MadeInMichigan

            ER is not an atheist.

          • Did I mention ER at all?

            No. BUT YOU DID!

          • MadeInMichigan

            Yeah, you did:

            “ThePhoenixRises Dr. Thomas [ᔕᗰᑎᑕ]
            2 days ago
            That’s his defense mechanism. Everyone but him (and his leftist, New Atheist friends — like the pro-abortion Expect Resistance) is a liar, a coward, a troll. etc etc ad infinitum.”

            That’s why I mentioned ER. Because you did. She isn’t an atheist.

          • He did not claim ER is an atheist. Do you have a reading comprehension problem

          • MadeInMichigan

            He did claim ER is an atheist.

          • *Proof please.

          • MadeInMichigan

            She said so herself. Ask her if you are so concerned. There are also conservative atheists, you know.

          • *Link please

          • MadeInMichigan

            Go ask her.

          • I’m not an atheist, a lair, a troll, or a coward.

          • MadeInMichigan

            I believe the truth. And the truth is that Trump’s judge is not a member of La Raza. He has nothing to do with them.

          • The La Raza Lawyer’s Group to which he belongs does.

            And that’s the truth.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Which is not connected to the National Council of La Raza.

          • The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA), the group which Trump University lawsuit Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a member of, considers various pro-illegal immigrant organizations as part of its “community.”
            The SDLRLA’s website includes a side-panel on their site titled “Community” which includes links to a variety of groups, including the National Council of La Raza.

            It is — quite literally — LINKED to it . Not as an advertisement, not as an RSS feed item, but as a link they chose to add on their own page.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Show me this link.

          • main site: http://sdlrla.com/

            BTW< Look at their logo, and how much they de-emphasize any speculation about affiliation with La Raza:
            Can't see how anyone might think they were related, can you?

            Anyway, here's the link on their site:

          • MadeInMichigan

            “Dan Schnur directs the Jesse M. Unruh Institute for Politics at the University of Southern California and was Gov. Pete Wilson’s communications director. He said Trump or his handlers may have conflated the lawyers group with the national council, but they would have quickly recognized their error.

            “It’s an understandable mistake for about the first 15 minutes,” Schnur said. “After that, anybody who is still making the case against them isn’t confused anymore, they’re just trying to score political points.”

          • Why listen to liberal liars

          • MadeInMichigan

            Alright, I found it, but you are still moving the goal posts. The judge is not a member of the National Council of La Raza and the lawyers association is just a lawyers association.

          • Did you happen to notice their logo? One might be forgiven for inferring affiliation with a group whose name takes up half of an organization’s logo.

            Hey, what if someone decides to design a logo for a gang? Think anyone will complain about this:

            Because I’m willing to bet that the American Bar Association may have some, err, “objection” to that. To the point where any implication that the American Bar association supports the Aryan Brotherhood, may result in legal action.

            Do you think that La Raza just had their name jacked by the La Raza Lawyer’s Group, and ironically can’t find a lawyer’s group to represent them to get it back? Or is it more likely that the two groups are linked in some way?

          • MadeInMichigan

            Now you are moving away from the judge. I read an article that if you look up La Raza in LA, you find 3500 listings. It is a common term that isn’t necessarily linked to one group or the other. Donald Trump is wrong on this, since he said the judge is a member of La Raza, which isn’t true. Trump has a habit of not fact checking before making statements. Like recently when he claimed the Orlando shooter was born in Afghanistan and moved here as a child. The shooter was born in New York, just like Trump.

          • Wow, it sounds like there are a lot of racists in LA to have that many organizations called “The Race”. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing, like when Germans opened up all those businesses with the name “Übermensch” in the name in the US.

            Oh, wait, that didn’t happen.

            I wonder why not?

          • MadeInMichigan

            Hispanics come from many racial backgrounds. It isn’t a racist term. You are really stretching here.

          • Their concern is for their race. That is a racist concept. Even if you believe their lie/distortion/intentional mistraducción that it means “people”, which group of people do you suppose they’re talking about?

          • MadeInMichigan

            Hispanic isn’t a race. Hispanic can be a member of any race.

          • Where did i say “Hispanic” in this context? *THEY* mention race. I mention them.

          • MadeInMichigan

            What race?

          • La Raza

          • MadeInMichigan

            You need to do some research.

          • Where did he say Hispanic

          • Talking about La Raza

          • MadeInMichigan

            “The Name
            Many people incorrectly translate the name, “La Raza,” as “the race.” While it is true that one meaning of “raza” in Spanish is indeed “race,” in Spanish, as in English and any other language, words can and do have multiple meanings. As noted in several online dictionaries, “La Raza” means “the people” or “the community.”
            Translating our name as “the race” is not only inaccurate, it is factually incorrect. “Hispanic” is an ethnicity, not a race. As anyone who has ever met a Dominican American, Mexican American, or Spanish American can attest, Hispanics can be and are members of any and all races.”

          • Oh, well, if they say they’re not racists on their own website, then it’s all good:

            The Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a White Patriotic Christian organization that bases its roots back to the Ku Klux Klan of the early 20th century. We are a non-violent organization that believes in the preservation of the White race and the United States Constitution as it was originally written and will stand to protect those rights against all foreign invaders. We believe in the right to bear arms against all that threaten our home and family.The Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a very traditional 2nd Era-like klan and we do not believe in socialism, nazism, paganism, or any other non-American beliefs. We believe that all persons should be allowed the right to believe as they wish, but that does not mean that we as a traditional Ku Klux Klan will fall into those non-Christian beliefs along with the non-believers that practice them. We hold our values to a very high standard and will not tolerate any deviance from those ideals. We will absolutely NOT use our good name as an intimidation tool towards anyone, no matter what race, color, or creed. We are not a hate group as some will have you believe

          • MadeInMichigan

            It is a non profit, non partisan lawyers association. You are clearly just going for political points.

          • Hmm.. “non partisan”? “Lawyer’s association”? 😂

          • MadeInMichigan

            It is just a trade association. They have nothing to do with Presidential politics. Trump should be more nervous about the scam he put his name on rather than the judge.

          • BS

          • MadeInMichigan

            Not BS.

          • No he is proving you are lying

          • In this context the people and the community means race

          • MadeInMichigan

            What race?

          • No, you are wrong on this

          • They are linked to the national council, this judge is a racist

          • MadeInMichigan

            No, he isn’t.

          • They are linked together, they lawyers council does the bidding of the national council

          • MadeInMichigan

            Not true at all.

          • You do not believe in the truth

          • Are you going to give Phoenix a suspension for name calling?

            Also, Curiel is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association is not the same as National Council of La Raza.

            “As The Post and other media outlets have pointed out repeatedly, Curiel is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, which is a professional organization for Latino lawyers. The group is the San Diego local affiliate of the California La Raza Lawyers Association, whose membership comprises lawyers practicing in California, and is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade organization. It has an affiliated 501(c)(3) scholarship fund that awarded 22 scholarships totaling $34,000 in 2014. More on that later.

            This group is not the National Council of La Raza, the Hispanic civil rights nonprofit organization that has pushed for comprehensive immigration reform in Congress with a pathway to citizenship and legalization for undocumented immigrants. It’s often referred to as simply “La Raza,” especially in the context of the immigration debate.

            To recap this simple fact: San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association ≠ National Council of La Raza.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/06/07/trump-supporters-false-claim-that-trump-u-judge-is-a-member-of-a-pro-immigrant-group/

          • MadeInMichigan

            Of course he won’t suspend Phoenix.

          • Of course there are two different standards.

          • Why would we. You on the other hand are a liberal

          • As you’re already aware, the link between the two groups is firmly established. They’re line ACORN and the DNC . Except they didn’t even bother to change the name.

            Accordind to their websites anyway:


            BTW: check out their logo:

            Nope, nothing there at all that would make one think that they’re affiliated with La Raza. In fact,I can’t imagine why anyone would believe such a thing, can you? They’re not Mexican racists at all – lol at the color of their logo.. It’s blue and greengo 😋

          • It’s been fact checked, two different organizations. ACORN wasn’t the DNC either.

          • Yes, two different and related organizations. Glad you’re starting to catch up.

          • Email sent.

          • MadeInMichigan


          • Afraid we’re conspiring against you? LOL

          • MadeInMichigan

            Not at all.

          • LOL. Maybe you should be.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Why is that? If the email you sent wasn’t about me, I’m not concerned. If it was, I’m not concerned.

          • LOL!



          • MadeInMichigan

            Where’s the lie?

          • Oh, is this MIM guy Tyler. Now it makes sense

          • Yep. He went by Tyler Durden for many years – despite the fact that “tyler durden” is actually a mental illness in Fight Club

          • Freedom

            He is the idiot from News Vine that blocked and banned all the conservatives. He is such the asshole

          • MadeInMichigan


          • Great, you admit they are not the same organization. There are lots of organizations that are similar or as you say “related” still not the same organization.

          • A lot of organizations share board of director members with each other. Or just a common purpose. In the case of “La Raza” organizations, that purpose is clear: It’s all about “the race”. The full implications of this are apparent by the fact that the La Raza Lawyer’s Group lists the Council of La Raza (the racist group responsible for helping illegals as much as possible) on their website under “community”, and have other ties as well.

            All of this is easy for you to find out, of course. It much have just slipped your mind, since you’re trying to be honest for once.

          • They are not the same organizations, thanks again for admitting that.

          • Where did I say they were? I’ve maintained they were related. Thanks for confirming that.

          • The National Wildlife Federation is similar to the Sierra Club, but they are not the same organization. It doesn’t matter if they serve the same group or groups, they are not the same organization.

          • Ah, the taste of red herring.

            They have the same goals (“the race”), the same consistency (“the race”), the same supporters (“the racists”), and have links to each other.

            Again, where did I say they were the same? You never answered that question because you can’t.

            The National Wildlife Fund and the Sierra Club also don’t share key components of their name.

            This is a difficult concept for ER to grasp, apparently. Kind of like being able to answer a simple question.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Repeating the same lies over and over again does not make them true. The lawyers association is not a racist organization.

          • They proudly advertise their affiliation with a group whose motto is “Everything for The Race. Outside The Race…Nothing!”. In fact, that second group is so central to their mission, the name takes up half of their logo, or more.

            Plus, they’re *lawyers*. They’re even better at splitting hairs than you are. You don’t think they looked for any legal loophole they could find for public consumption on their website? After all, they’re not under oath…

          • MadeInMichigan

            You are really stretching here. They are not the same group. They do not have the same goals. Trump made a mistake and even members of the GOP know it.

          • You are really stretching here.

            This is SJW-speak for “yeah, you’re right”. Thank you for that.

          • MadeInMichigan

            I’m not an SJW. You’re entire argument is pure speculation that is shot down by a few minutes of research.

          • MadeInMichigan

            I clearly showed you that their name isn’t about race. You are mistranslating their name.

          • You did no such thing. What you have clearly shown is that you are very ignorant on the issue here

          • MadeInMichigan

            How are they related?

          • MadeInMichigan

            You might want to check your email. Phoenix says he sent you one.

          • Acorn was and is the DNC

          • No not the same organization. ACORN is no longer why belabor the point.

          • Acorn still exists, just other names now. Being Acorn was run by the DNC to get Illegal votes

          • You are such the liar

          • You are the ignorant moron, it is an established fact that this judge is a member of la raza

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            !suspend pauljones6482 name calling.

            For crying out loud – It is the exact same name being called. Uncensored my butt.

          • LOL, the truth is not an insult, your pal lied

          • Notice how bully boy tried to use Boterator gainst you?

          • He has tried it a couple of times. He is one of the idiots that complained about uncensored news and views. He is just a typical intolerant leftist ahole

          • He used to post almost exclusively on CLASH DAILY — racist and religious bigotry site masquerading as conservative .

            Wonder if he finally got banned from there, or what.

          • Maybe that is why he has increased his visits here. He is a hater of Christians though, he is one of the most hateful people besides richie rich on these boards

          • You’vve never met SiiRobertson.

          • Not yet

          • Hope you never do. Extreme anti Catholic and misogynistic WOMAN! She calls other women sow, sl ut, pig, Jessipuke, WelderHag, etc.

          • Sounds like a typical leftist hate monger

          • Agreed.

          • Rosemary

            She sounds like a man who posts on ROK!

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Trump is Atheist.

          • Screechy the Liar’s Limousine
          • LOL, he is so butthurt

        • Religion destroyed the GOP

          I would be right to say, and others would be right to believe that Donald Trump is a racist with racist beliefs and racist affiliations. It is Trump’s tactic to say this Hispanic judge won’t rule impartially because I am racist against Hispanics.

          The judge’s affiliations and associations are IRRELEVANT unless you can prove he has not been impartial in his sworn duty as a judge.

          • His association and membership in la raza shows he is not impartial and that this judge has an anti white and anti American prejudice

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            The membership does not show an impartial prejudice. (on the Judge’s part)

          • Actually it does

          • Wrong. Trump’s tactic is to say that this racist judge belongs to another racist lawyer’s group which has called for boycotts against Trump: http://spectator.org/trump-judge-belongs-to-group-that-called-for-trump-business-boycott/

            Thank you for proving yet again that when leftists run out of facts, they sling “racist” around.

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Called for a boycott because of Trump’s racist comments…

          • Called for a boycott because of Trump’s comments to which professional victims took offense.

            Congratulations – they did what they were supposed to do: get offended. Or at least, convincingly pretend to.

            So — Trump sees that a judge belongs to a group that has called to boycott him and his companies, and remarks that his treatment by that judge may be affected by circumstances outside the actual case, and Trump is the bad guy? Hmm…

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Judges are ethically bound to rule with no prejudice. If you can find a case where this judge did not do his sworn duty – then you have a case. Not just because he belongs to a social group.

          • Penicillin Resistant

            Are you a child?

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Nope. But I am familiar with our legal system. You cannot convict someone with no proof.

          • Seems you failed civics

          • So you’re perfectly fine with a judge who is, say, a member of the KKK? (well, you would be, actually, because they’re mostly Democrats). What about a member of the Westboro “Baptist” Church? You’d be fine with one of them judging a case? More than half of their congregation are attorneys, so there is a good chance one of them is a judge. Hmm.. you know what? Fred Phelps, the guy who used to run the Westboro Baptist Church before he proceeded on to a warmer environment was also a Democrat.

            You know, it looks like if you want to make sure you have a judge who is free of hate and prejudice — avoid Democrats.

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            I am no Democrat.
            What a Judge does in his off time is really none of my business. But as a Judge, he has legal responsibilities to be impartial. If you can PROVE impartiality by this Judge – in his courtroom – then you might have a case. Until then, he is innocent until proven guilty.
            Would Trump accept a different Hispanic Judge? A Muslim Judge? A female Judge? What about a female Native American Judge?

          • You are indeed a social liberal, so more than likely a democrat. You are not a libertarian, nor are you an independent or moderate

          • I’m sure any judge who doesn’t belong to a group which has declared it is prejudiced against him wold be fine.

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            What if they just belong to the group of “hispanic judges” or “female judges”

          • I can’t speak for him, but I personally wouldn’t have a problem with either, unless they claimed, just by virtue of being Hispanic, or a woman (or both) , that that some necessarily makes them a better judge than, say, a white man. Someone who would say something like that has already exercised enough bad judgement to disqualify them, in my opinion.

          • Penicillin Resistant


          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            But would they be prejudiced against Trump?

          • So you could not refute anything here. So tell us do you have any facts at all

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Fact – Trump said Mexicans are rapists.

          • Penicillin Resistant

            And you don’t think any undocumented Democrats are?

            One tried to rape my wife on the UTEP campus many years ago. Fortunately, she essentially kicked his ass.


          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            First off, what is an “undocumented Democrat”?
            I’m sorry to hear your wife was attacked. How do you know the background of this attacker? Was it a date rape thing?

          • All those illegals the democrats want to give the vote to

          • Taken out of context to support your bogus lies
            Tell us what do you think of the undocumented Mexicans caught for murder and rape, are you claiming they did not murder or rape anyone

          • Penicillin Resistant

            I finally ran into a purebred yesterday. I pointed out to him that two of three things he cited me weren’t exemplary of Keynesianism, as he tried to sell the goodness of it to me, and I was a racist.

            I was verklempt. (sp?)

      • Actually he is

  • I find it interesting that even Cesar Chavez called the group racist and his #1 recommendation was to deal with it head on, pulling no punches…exactly what Trump is doing…but Trump’s called a racist. Then again, Cesar would be called a sell out today for calling la raza the racist organization that it is.

    • Religion destroyed the GOP

      After Elizabeth Warren called him out on his racist remarks against Judge Curiel, he retaliated by making another racist remark toward her.

      • Hmmm, claiming you’re Native American, when you’re not, to get yourself political sympathy and traction is kind of racist…and a lot worse than calling someone a name.

        Frankly, I consider it a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

        • Religion destroyed the GOP

          So instead of trying to defend his position, he attacks by using “Pocahontas” as a general term to describe Native Americans.
          Does he also call Americans of an Irish descent “Mick”?
          Does he call Italian Americans “Guido”?

        • These idiots on the left like rdtg will never get that

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            !suspend pauljones6482 name calling.

          • The truth is not name calling

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            But racial slurs are.

          • The only one using racial slurs is you

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            when did I do that?

          • Pretty much every post. You are an intolerant social liberal

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Never once. I guess your tactic is to lie as well as calling names.

          • That is always what you do, just look at your screen name. It speaks intolerance and ignorance

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            So does yours Paul, so does yours.

          • Keep telling yourself that

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Paul Jones is ignorant and intolerant. Yes, I will keep telling myself that.

          • Yet I keep making you display your ignorance and hatred.

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            New name.

          • That is your name. What a loser you are

          • Screechy the Liar’s Limousine


        • Sounds like Sii….. when she’s in damsel in distress mode.

      • Warren did no such thing. Warren is a fraud who deserves to be pissed on

      • dchrist81

        Except that Trump never made any racist remark whatsoever, and Judge Curiel has been a member of an overtly racist organization. Trump is entirely in the right and Curiel is in the wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9XMioUUa3E

    • dchrist81

      Apparently, one only becomes racist when one becomes a Republican.


      • Excellent point

      • Religion destroyed the GOP

        He didn’t have Twitter 30 years ago.

        • dchrist81

          So, those who knew him best never had any reason whatsoever to consider him racist… but those who never met him except on Twitter had some reason to slander him for supposedly being “racist”. Thank you, you’ve proved my case. Trump has never been a racist; only those who do not know him at all would even think to invent such a preposterous claim.

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Preposterous?! He has been saying racist things weekly since he started running.

          • dchrist81

            He has not said anything that was racist.
            Why are so desperate to pretend otherwise?

            Answer: because you know he’s right on the issues
            … so you resort to unfounded slander.

  • Religion destroyed the GOP

    Uncensored News has the journalistic integrity of the Onion.

    • And you are just an ignorant idiot. Your opinion is worthless. People like you are what is wrong with America

      • Religion destroyed the GOP

        Why don’t you ban me then?!

        • Because we all need pets. Your ignorance is actually kind of amusing

        • Screechy the Liar’s Limousine

          Life would suddenly be a lot more boring if he did, Chew Toy.

          • True, It is fun making this guy display his ignorance

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            Easy to show THIS GUY’s ignorance.

          • You really are quite ignorant. Typical for a liberal

  • dchrist81

    Trump commented that the Judge’s Mexican heritage may be a factor in
    some of the recent court decisions – given his own strong stance on
    illegal immigration and trade with Mexico. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9XMioUUa3E

    • And lets not forget the NY AG also is a hillary supporter

  • Luis Luna

    La Raza is like The Black Panthers or the KKK

    • MadeInMichigan

      And Trump’s judge is not a member of La Raza.

      • Noooooooo, he’s just a member of the La Raza Lawyers Group.


        • MadeInMichigan

          Which is not connected in any way to the group commonly called La Raza.

          • Yeah, right. Uh huh.Sure.

          • MadeInMichigan

            It isnt. Look it up.

          • MadeInMichigan 26 minutes ago

            Which is not connected to the National Council of La Raza.

            Dr. Thomas [ᔕᗰᑎᑕ] 6 minutes ago

            The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA), the group which Trump University lawsuit Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a member of, considers various pro-illegal immigrant organizations as part of its “community.”
            The SDLRLA’s website includes a side-panel on their site titled “Community” which includes links to a variety of groups, including the National Council of La Raza.

            It is — quite literally — LINKED to it .
            Not as an advertisement, not as an RSS feed item, but as a link they chose to add on their own page.

            Care to rephrase?


          • MadeInMichigan

            They aren’t the same thing.


          • A web link doesn’t mean they are “linked” to that organization. They have separate staff, separate board of directors. They are not the same.

          • What part of “LINKED” don’t you understand?

            They are LITERALLY LINKED to La Raza. Why would a NON-Affilated group post a link to their website?

            And you wonder why people call you a troll!

          • Nobody’s Miracle (MagnaDave)

            Did you miss the capital letters? CAPS LOCK MODE makes things true.

          • Of course all caps makes it truth. **eyeroll**

          • Nobody’s Miracle (MagnaDave)


          • The website for San Diego La Raza Lawyers is http://sdlrla.com/. Their mission statement, “Formed in 1979, with a handful of Latino attorneys, San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA) has grown to represent over three hundred Latino and Latina lawyers practicing in San Diego County. SDLRLA is one of 18 affiliate bar associations of the California La Raza Lawyers Association, which serves several thousand Latino lawyers practicing in the State of California……..” http://sdlrla.com/about/mission-statement/

            What is circled in red is in the list of community organizations not the same thing as San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA). Do you understand it’s a link list to 24 other organizations. The link to the National Council of La Raza is http://www.nclr.org/. They are two separate organizations.

          • They are LITERALLY LINKED to La Raza. Why would a NON-Affilated group post a ling to their website?

            And you wonder why people call you a troll!

          • Non profit organization link websites of other organizations it doesn’t mean they are the same.

          • You and Tyler should go get a room, your perfect for each other.

          • You have no facts do you? Here’s another fact for you, MiM and I are both married to other people and are not going to “get a room.” Let’s try to stick with the facts Phoenix instead of insults and innuendos.

          • I have plenty of facts — you just don’t like them.

          • Your argument is a meme? Excuse me while I laugh my butt off.

          • Really? I thought that’s what you peddled, then visited your local PP abortuary for your bi-monthly suction treatments to ward off “forced birthing.”

          • MadeInMichigan

            He really showed you!

          • Religion destroyed the GOP

            He agrees that you are right. Don’t argue.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Insults and innuendos are just about all he has.

          • LOL

          • MadeInMichigan

            Funny but true I guess.

          • You never have posted the truth

          • MadeInMichigan

            What do you call this? Oh yeah, a red herring and a distraction.

          • No. It’s called “Sarcasm.”

          • MadeInMichigan

            You’re an author, correct? I would think that you would know what sarcasm is. So you actually mean the opposite of what you posted?

          • Obviously YOU have no idea of what sarcasm is.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Yes, I do. It is a remark that actually means the opposite of what you say.

          • Not necessarily. Nice try, though.

          • MadeInMichigan

            That’s exactly what sarcasm is.

          • Ohh boo hoo.

          • Is English your first language

          • MadeInMichigan


          • Then you have a reading comprehension problem

          • No, that is what you post

          • MadeInMichigan

            It is what Phoenix posts all of the time.

          • Liar

          • MadeInMichigan

            You must not know him very well.

          • You are deliberately being obtuse.

            And you wonder why people call you a troll.

          • They are linked though, their mission statements are the same

          • Two different mission statements two different organizations.

          • Linked at the hip, with the lawyers group defending the other group

          • These liberals do not get it

          • And there you are still wrong. Are you liberals always this ignorant on the issues

        • We have to wonder how many times he is going to keep repeating that lie

          • He has spent literally HOURS repeating a lie over and over again.

          • That is why I just belt these idiots now. I have zero tolerance for those on the left

          • MadeInMichigan

            Never happened.

          • “I’m not white listed in Truth Revolt.”

          • MadeInMichigan

            I’ve explained that.

          • You are still lying Tyler. It’s what you do.

          • Liar, you ban opposing views, that is what you do on News Vine

          • MadeInMichigan

            I’ve never posted once on News Vine, let alone moderated there or anywhere. Your pal Dr. Thomas can confirm that if you bothered to ask him.

          • You still did it. Which means that “never happened” is also a lie.

          • MadeInMichigan

            I never lied about being whitelisted because I knew nothing about it. I never even knew the term or that it was possible before that.

          • That may have been true the very first time I told you about it. But once you were aware of it, and could look it up, yourself, and still chose to remain ignorant rather than find out that you were wrong, that is on you. You went on for weeks about it. And within hours after I proved it to you based on Disqus’ own documentation that you were, you were telling Welder or someone else on SMNC that it was “claimed” that you were. I don’t remember the exact word yo used, but it was a word used to introduce doubt in a fact that I took hours to prove to you. Which, BTW, I did because I thought you honestly didn’t know, and that if I were to just be able to show you the truth, you would understand and stop lying about it.

            That was before I knew you and your real motivation. Hey, you don’t happen to know a poster named @Aveskde:disqus , do you ? It would be from awhile back …

          • MadeInMichigan

            I said that you claimed I was whitelisted because I didn’t know who you were, didn’t trust you, and I gained nothing from being whitelisted. It didn’t give me any advantage over other posters, which is the reason I never knew that I was whitelisted. You made it sound so sinister, I thought that if it were true, I must have had a huge advantage over other posters. I didn’t.

            What was my real motivation? I vaguely remember a poster named Aveskde. Why is that?

          • Being whitelisted allows you to bypass any automatic blocks put on posting, for example, word filters, URL filters, etc., and makes it so that when your posts get flagggd, it doesn’t increase the counter for those posts. I’m still not clear whether or not even the moderator is aware of you getting flagged once you’re whitelisted. I believe it turns it off completely. Whereas, for normal users, if they get flagged, the moderator sees a list of items that have been flagged in a list called “Pending Review”, where they have to approve, delete, or mark as spam. So it is a huge advantage over other posters. It is entirely possible to be whitelisted and completely unaware of it in the forums or channels. I didn’t say you were *behind* it. I did say that you *were*. And you didn’t want to even admit that you *were* despite my showing you proof multiple times. And when you did agree with me that you were, I was thinking “wow, one argument finally over. I can finally never have to deal with defending *that* again”, and that was followed mere hours later by you saying that I “claimed” that you were whitelisted (or otherwise cast doubt on it).

            Aveskde had a lot of your argumentation style (go around and around and around in a big circle, wasting their time). I figured he was a buddy of yours.

          • MadeInMichigan

            At Truth Revolt, flagging was turned off before you showed up. So it didn’t give me any advantage. I had no reason to trust what you were saying. Especially when you came out of nowhere, with a group of people, and started making demands of TR.

          • What does the timing have to do with anything? Flagging was turned off generally speaking — in fact, I think that’s the default for a Disqus forum. However, you still get the advantage in that you can use words in the filter and post URL’s. I keep thinking there’s another thing too .

            You didn’t have to trust what I was saying. I was letting *OTHER PEOPLE* know the FACT that you, Alinla3, and ILC were all white-listed, and I thought that that was strange, especially considering the fact that you were all pretty thoroughly disliked there (although you, Alinla3, Nate, and Brad James were only *mildly* disliked). I think “samloss” was too, but I may be misremembering it – it was a year and a half ago.

            Anyway… Even though I “came out of nowhere”, I still had an extremely accurate picture of the trolling attacks on Truth Revolt. *SEVERAL* trolls got banned. I still have the stats on them. You’re the only one I helped restore access to.

            Also, *I* didn’t start making demands of TR. I didn’t lead the Revolt, either, although I wish I had. A lot of posters found me, and posted to me saying that we were doing a good thing, and that they were getting ready to leave TR because of the infestation of trolls and the inactivity of the moderators about it. I still believe a few of them are “house trolls” – people there to stir up things at TR. But I don’t think you were one of them. They didn’t have to hire you — just whitelist you, and let you do what yo do . In their “troll fight club”, you were Tyler Dur– hey, wait a minute…

            We just happened to have a site up and were studying trolls in general. I became a lightning rod, because I provided the proof of what everyone had already seen anyway — TR was infested with trolls. So, like the Constitutional Conservatives most of us are, we got a representative to send an email to TR management letting them know what is going on with everyone.

            What I find interesting is that you and MrJealousPeoples are the only two that are, after a YEAR AND A HALF, following me around.

            Strange, that.

          • MadeInMichigan

            Before you said that a rogue moderator whitelisted me before they were fired. Now you are claiming that TR itself whitelisted me for some reason. Which is it? And is this connected to your Ben Shapiro theory?

          • Liar, your posts here prove Phoenix is correct

          • MadeInMichigan

            They do? How?

      • Luis Luna

        Back in the College days he was meaning he keeps the ideology

        • MadeInMichigan

          And where did you read this?

          • Common knowledge for those of us who are not ignorant on the issues

        • He is still in the San Diego chapter, see my link above

          • MadeInMichigan

            He is in a lawyers association group, not the National Council of La Raza.

          • You are still wrong Tyler.

          • MadeInMichigan

            No, I’m not.

      • How many times are you going to repeat that lie

        The federal judge appointed by Barack Obama presiding over the class-action lawsuit against Trump University is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, a latino group that translates to “The Race.”

        According to a 2014 Annual Dinner and Gala brochure, Judge Gonzalo Curiel was listed as a member of the Scholarship Selection Committee. In the same brochure, the plaintiff law firm, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, were listed as sponsors for the event.

        While there is no discrepancy for a judge to be involved with a local law association and no proof that Curiel is tied to any radical pro-immigration groups, is it not odd that a judge from a pro-latino group has been appointed in a case with Donald Trump involving millions of dollars?

        • Religion destroyed the GOP

          This case has nothing to do with Latinos or Hispanics.

      • Religion destroyed the GOP

        Trump is a member of Stormfront

    • Very true

  • Religion destroyed the GOP

    It is IRRELEVANT. This case has nothing to do with Latinos or Hispanics so his perceived favoritism carries no weight in this case.