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Originally posted by Murdeck @murdeck  February 22, 2016

In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) determined that homosexuality was not a mental illness. Everyone assumed that since these are scientists making these decisions, then science was the determining factor in making this change. However, no “studies” were done and no empirical evidence was found. The decision was determined by a vote to the members of the association. This is interesting because the APA operated entirely on opinion while they present a face of a purely objective stance. So ultimately they removed homosexuality from the DSM (diagnostic statistical manual for diagnosis mental illness). It wasn’t unanimous either (about 70%-30%) How did the idea for this change come about? Maybe the LGBT activists politely brought their concerns forward and the APA deliberated accordingly?

Dr. Ronald Bayer (a pro-gay psychiatrist) details the happenings in the APA at that time.

“Diagnostic Politics: Homosexuality and the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Bayer says that the first attack by homosexual activists against the APA began in 1970 when this organization held its convention in San Francisco. Homosexual activists decided to disrupt the conference by interrupting speakers and shouting down and ridiculing psychiatrists who viewed homosexuality as a mental disorder. In 1971, homosexual activist Frank Kameny worked with the Gay Liberation Front collective to demonstrate against the APA’s convention. At the 1971 conference, Kameny grabbed the microphone and yelled, “Psychiatry is the enemy incarnate. Psychiatry has waged a relentless war of extermination against us. You may take this as a declaration of war against you.”

Homosexuals forged APA credentials and gained access to exhibit areas in the conference. They threatened anyone who claimed that homosexuals needed to be cured.

Kameny had found an ally inside of the APA named Kent Robinson who helped the homosexual activist present his demand that homosexuality be removed from the DSM. At the 1972 convention, homosexual activists were permitted to set up a display booth, entitled “Gay, Proud and Healthy.” ”

So it was determined that homosexuals do not have mental illness because they “seem to function normally in everyday life”. However, this was no peaceful protesting. The Gay Agenda is to force people to accept homosexuality as normal. They got a grip on the APA and with coercion, lies, and strawman they intimidated them into removing this mental illness from the DSM-II. They used fear. Fear of being discredited and demonized, the APA bowed down to the Gay Agenda without a fight. No psychiatrist wants to be considered a bigot, and so with a loud voice the homosexuals got their most important victory.

Why is this such an important victory? Dr. Socarides (also a member of the APA at that time) explains:

“To declare a condition a ‘non-condition,’ a group of practitioners had removed it from our list of serious psychosexual disorders. The action was all the more remarkable when one considers that it involved an out-of-hand and peremptory disregard and dismissal not only of hundreds of psychiatric and psychoanalytic research papers and reports, but also a number of other serious studies by groups of psychiatrists, psychologists, and educators over the past seventy years…” “For the next 18 years, the APA decision served as a Trojan horse, opening the gates to widespread psychological and social change in sexual customs and mores. The decision was to be used on numerous occasions for numerous purposes with the goal of normalizing homosexuality and elevating it to an esteemed status. “To some American psychiatrists, this action remains a chilling reminder that if scientific principles are not fought for, they can be lost-a disillusioning warning that unless we make no exceptions to science, we are subject to the snares of political factionalism and the propagation of untruths to an unsuspecting and uninformed public, to the rest of the medical profession, and to the behavioral sciences”

Thus science bends to the will of politics. But let us not forget there is a T at the end of LGBT. Transgender Identity Disorder is still considered a mental disorder. However, through clever wording and more politics, the disorder has been trivialized and minimized. It is now called “GENDER DYSPHORIA”. This simple change of verbiage was also not backed by any science, but the motive is clear: the condition no longer contains the words TRANSGENDER. Thus the transgender community is distanced from the actual condition they share. The homosexuals will not stop until the agenda is successful. Therefore, I can see this condition being removed eventually (within 10 years) from the DSM altogether.

What’s the big deal about this disorder? Well, Dr. Paul McHugh is a psychiatrist who continues to assert that Transgender Identity Disorder is a true mental illness.

“He also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.”

It’s been decades since homosexuality was normalized. Now they seek to normalize Trans as well. This is a problem because these are real people with real psychological issues. They cannot be helped if they are normalized. The LGBT intimidate with fear and intolerance and scream their way into making policy. The problem these individuals should be getting proper treatment, but they are not.

What is proper treatment? Well I’m not going to sit there and say that treatment for LGBT should be to turn them back to being heterosexual. However, these people (who fought for normality) experience far greater psychological issues that they don’t seek help for because they’re told they are normal.

So if treatment shouldn’t change, then why does it matter if it is considered a mental illness or not? Doesn’t the removal of the LGBT as mentally ill remove any stigmas and provide a better life for them in society? Perhaps, but at the expense of countless children. Our children are at risk more than anyone else.

Since the LGBT community intimidate and yell their way into making policy, and since they have such a firm grip on the APA, they also have a grip on the public school system. What’s so bad that they are telling our children? They tell people that they are born that way. If someone is born gay, then they have no hope but to be gay. However if a confused child experiences same-sex attraction (and they are told that homosexuality is completely innate) then they will bend to this view and actually have a self-fulfilling prophecy. The problem with “being born gay” is that no one is. Twin studies have proven time and time again for decades that there is no statistical evidence to indicate that people are born gay.

What happens when you talk to someone in the LGBT community about this subject? They get really mad. In fact, the science is so confused on this subject it is ridiculous. If you suggest postnatal or psychosocial causes for homosexuality, you get under fire. Even if your research is objective, your findings are sound and your methods are indisputable. The LGBT community is nasty when it comes to attacking scientists. They will discredit, devalue, and do everything they can to make you seem like nasty, bigoted person for suggesting such a travesty to their ideology. However, the biggest claim they have against these scientists is that they are biased. Biased against gays. And so therefore any research produced is discarded. So who is “unbiased” against gays? People who are for gays of course. And that’s a problem. I can’t tell you how many scientific articles I’ve read with forewords that state “To all the LGBT community and all your courage” or “To anyone who struggles with being trans in an unfair world” These “scientific” articles are biased the OTHER WAY. Yet, the LGBT community isn’t complaining.

So who do we trust? You can’t. The LGBT grip is deep and decades long. They bias is unstoppable and every media source jumps on any new studies for genetic causes. Unfortunately none of these studies are conclusive to date. They just keep hoping though. Now this is backwards science. In all other areas of science, evidence is found AND presented and then claims are made. On the LGBT agenda, the claims are made “BORN THAT WAY” and the researchers desperately try to muster the evidence to support it. They haven’t yet, and it’s been a LONG time.

What keeps homosexuals in the dark? Personal bias. In psychology there is something called consistency bias. It is a person’s own belief that their currently held ideologies have been as strong with them their entire lives. You have the consistency bias as well, and so does everyone. Think about this… are you liberal, or conservative? Now think back to when you were 13. Do you think you were AS liberal or AS conservative? For the average person the answer is YES. Everyone falls for this bias. But the fact is that maybe you were on the fence, or maybe you weren’t sure about politics. ALL your opinions developed over time and thus none of them were held as strongly in the past as they are now. SO consistency bias tells homosexuals that they’ve been gay all along. This is not correct. Gender identity happens around 3-4. Most people can’t remember being younger than 3.

Another bias is BELIEF BIAS. That is, you will maintain that your belief system is correct even in the presence of contradictory evidence. Simple psychology. Everyone does it. Which is why introspection is horribly unreliable. In fact a way old dude William James studied psychology at the very beginning. He used introspection as a measuring tool and found out that it was terribly subjective and provided him with very little to work with.

Here is the problem the LGBT community sees research that goes against their belief system and they attack it. I can’t tell you how often I hear “Well the researcher has NO IDEA what gays go through. He doesn’t understand them, he doesn’t know them” My answer is this: Does one need Schizophrenia to study it? NO of course not. So they demonize the researcher as being bigoted and biased. Of course the media doesn’t help. They turn to the LGBT and ask “when did you decide to become gay?” Their answer is that they’ve felt this way all along. So everyone believes that gays were born that way. However this IS introspection and should never be valued over objective research and empirical studies. Ironically, they say anyone talking about LGBT and mental illness is practicing outdated and OLD psychology… yet, they value introspection over research which is almost as OLD as psychology gets.

Again, our children are in danger because once you convince children they don’t have a choice, then you determine the course of their life. One person should not embody their entire identity into LGBT. Go and be gay! Go and be TRANS! But you’re more than just your sexual orientation or your gender identity. Stop teaching our children to put all their personality and identity into these small facets of their lives. Stop forcing your ideology on people and policy And stop teaching children that they are born that way!

A meta-analysis of 8 studies from 3 different countries over 20 years (TWIN STUDIES)…

Information about transgender identity disorder as a mental illness…

Information about the LGBT intimidation and infiltration of the APA…

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  • SoulSurvivor

    Keep speaking the truth about this plague, no matter how fierce they come at us !!! You might also to include the ” Gay Manifesto” even though the perverse language in it does not pass the censorship at other websites !!
    Gay Manifesto – “We Shall Sodomize Your Sons” [“gay” fantasy come true?]
    Rainbow Alliance ^ | 2/15/1987 | Michael Swift
    Posted on 5/25/2013, 5:03:42 PM by Slyfox

    (First Published in Gay Community News, Feb. 15-21, 1987 and also put into the Congressional Record. Author – Michael Swift)

    We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us.

    Women, you cry for freedom. You say you are no longer satisfied with men; they make you unhappy. We, connoisseurs of the masculine face, the masculine physique, shall take your men from you then. We will amuse them; we will instruct them; we will embrace them when they weep. Women, you say you wish to live with each other instead of with men. Then go and be with each other. We shall give your men pleasures they have never known because we are foremost men too, and only one man knows how to truly please another man; only one man can understand the depth and feeling, the mind and body of another man.

    All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead, legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men.

    All homosexuals must stand together as brothers; we must be united artistically, philosophically, socially, politically and financially. We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemy.

    If you dare to cry faggot, fairy, queer, at us, we will stab you in your cowardly hearts and defile your dead, puny bodies.

    We shall write poems of the love between men; we shall stage plays in which man openly caresses man; we shall make films about the love between heroic men which will replace the cheap, superficial, sentimental, insipid, juvenile, heterosexual infatuations presently dominating your cinema screens. We shall sculpt statues of beautiful young men, of bold athletes which will be placed in your parks, your squares, your plazas. The museums of the world will be filled only with paintings of graceful, naked lads.

    Our writers and artists will make love between men fashionable and de rigueur, and we will succeed because we are adept at setting styles. We will eliminate heterosexual liaisons through usage of the devices of wit and ridicule, devices which we are skilled in employing.

    We will unmask the powerful homosexuals who masquerade as heterosexuals. You will be shocked and frightened when you find that your presidents and their sons, your industrialists, your senators, your mayors, your generals, your athletes, your film stars, your television personalities, your civic leaders, your priests are not the safe, familiar, bourgeois, heterosexual figures you assumed them to be. We are everywhere; we have infiltrated your ranks. Be careful when you speak of homosexuals because we are always among you; we may be sitting across the desk from you; we may be sleeping in the same bed with you.

    There will be no compromises. We are not middle-class weaklings. Highly intelligent, we are the natural aristocrats of the human race, and steely-minded aristocrats never settle for less. Those who oppose us will be exiled.

    We shall raise vast private armies, as Mishima did, to defeat you. We shall conquer the world because warriors inspired by and banded together by homosexual love and honor are invincible as were the ancient Greek soldiers.

    The family unit-spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violence–will be abolished. The family unit, which only dampens imagination and curbs free will, must be eliminated. Perfect boys will be conceived and grown in the genetic laboratory. They will be bonded together in communal setting, under the control and instruction of homosexual savants.

    All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our only gods are handsome young men. We adhere to a cult of beauty, moral and esthetic. All that is ugly and vulgar and banal will be annihilated. Since we are alienated from middle-class heterosexual conventions, we are free to live our lives according to the dictates of the pure imagination. For us too much is not enough.

    The exquisite society to emerge will be governed by an elite comprised of gay poets. One of the major requirements for a position of power in the new society of homoeroticism will be indulgence in the Greek passion. Any man contaminated with heterosexual lust will be automatically barred from a position of influence. All males who insist on remaining stupidly heterosexual will be tried in homosexual courts of justice and will become invisible men.

    We shall rewrite history, history filled and debased with your heterosexual lies and distortions. We shall portray the homosexuality of the great leaders and thinkers who have shaped the world. We will demonstrate that homosexuality and intelligence and imagination are inextricably linked, and that homosexuality is a requirement for true nobility, true beauty in a man.

    We shall be victorious because we are fueled with the ferocious bitterness of the oppressed who have been forced to play seemingly bit parts in your dumb, heterosexual shows throughout the ages. We too are capable of firing guns and manning the barricades of the ultimate revolution.

    Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks

    The whole LGBT movement is based off of Lies by perverted little freaks, and they proved that with every word they say.

    • Dan

      Sadly, you don’t recognize satire. That piece is intended as satire, playing on the common irrational fears it addresses.

      • SoulSurvivor

        Irrational is that what you just said irrational ??

        And I say you are rationalizing instead to promote exactly what’s stated in that article and Proclamation !!

        To say it is irrational is a clear sign of psychosis given all of the evidence that is all around, and again reaffirming everything in the article and the proclamation.. and demonstrating that anyone that agrees with the LGBT is clinically mentally insane !!

        Rationalize that one and stick it in your pipe and smoke it

        • Dan

          “The idea that homosexuality is a mental disorder or that the emergence of same-sex attraction and orientation among some adolescents is in any way abnormal or mentally unhealthy has no support among any mainstream health and mental health professional organizations.

          Despite the general consensus of major medical, health, and mental health professions that both heterosexuality and homosexuality are normal expressions of human sexuality, efforts to change sexual orientation through therapy have been adopted by some political and religious organizations and aggressively promoted to the public. However, such efforts have serious potential to harm young people because they present the view that the sexual orientation of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth is a mental illness or disorder, and they often frame the inability to change one’s sexual orientation as a personal and moral failure.

          Because of the aggressive promotion of efforts to change sexual orientation through therapy, a number of medical, health, and mental health professional organizations have issued public statements about the dangers of this approach. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Counseling Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American School Counselor Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, and the National Association of Social Workers, together representing more than 480,000 mental health professionals, have all taken the position that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and thus is not something that needs to or can be “cured.”
          The American Academy of Pediatrics

          • SoulSurvivor

            “The idea that homosexuality is a mental disorder or that the emergence of same-sex attraction and orientation among some adolescents is in any way abnormal or mentally unhealthy has no support among any mainstream health and mental health professional organizations.

            You mean the ones that are under threat that if they tell the truth they will be drummed out of their profession, and lose everything ? Because we are living under a dictatorship !!

            It’s obvious you never even read the article because it is well known fact of the incidents spoke of.. the decision to remove homosexuality from the DSM was under duress and there was no scientific study to back up the removal..

            And if you want to rationalize with so many words why don’t you look in the DSM and actually see that it still is in there !! Gender dysphoria !!

            Is a mental disease !!

            Homosexuality is still in there, they just split it up into the individual psychosis symptoms.

            So your claims are totally on valid and I really suggest you read the DSM, because it says you all are Sick Puppies

          • Dan

            Every science based medical and mental health organization in the country agree being gay is a natural expression of human love and bonding.

            It is irrational to believe a few activists in the early 70’s, a still very anti-gay period of our history, could convince science based mental health organizations to drop the classification if not based on the replicated, peer reviewed research of Hooker, the military, and others. Even Freud knew being gay was not a disorder, and that the extra problems were a result of the prejudice and stigmatization, still being promoted on this site among others.

          • No science does not agree with you BS claim

          • SoulSurvivor

            YOU LIE with your very 1st word… EVERY??? WRONG

            The American College of Pediatricians says its Dangerous and ABUSIVE

            It is irrational to only see things that agree with you, and ignore the rest.. That is scientifically proven to be a symptom of delusional thinking and psychosis.. OH those are mental disorders !!

            I am a scientist and know the Scientific Method !! Science is the study and search for truth and understanding of the world around us..

            You have ZERO real scientists to back up any of your claims.. Only ACTIVIST’S that lie and pervert findings because they OMIT evidence just like you do…

            Satan NEVER changes his game : He was a liar and murderer from the beginning…
            And you are HIS BITCH… And remember this … He loves them to BLEED !!
            He will have you for ETERNITY… And NOBODY will hear your screams…

            And that is FACT… Danny Boy

            And all you have to do to deserve that… Is keep denying it… And you idiots are bring your end on yourselves as fast as you can, by supporting Muslims coming in.. They ARE GOING TO KILL YOU
            And demonstrates just how insane you really are…

          • Satan?!? Please stick to things that are real…

          • SoulSurvivor

            And I’m talking to an avatar of a cartoon !!

            You could be nothing more than a clever artificial intelligence program, programmed with the date of databank of responses.. that could be totally wiped out of existence with a push of a button..

            Ooohh…. see that little square with a minus sign in your post in the upper right hand corner.
            POOF !! And you are gone….

            There’s more evidence that the devil exists , then you !!

          • Is there really? (and I’m talking to some bald-headed black-and-white square person?!?!) I guess you haven’t look very hard then (I don’t really care if you do or do not)…also we don’t have anything near the level of AI you are referring to. However, given your response I’d readily believe you have tenuous ties with reality and wouldn’t be surprised further if you exhibited more psychotic behaviour.

          • BTW, no one cares what the ACP says, the American Academy of Pediatrics is the real org of Pediatricians.

            From their site:

            “There is no way to predict how a child will end up identifying him or herself later in life. This uncertainty is one of the hardest things about parenting a gender non-conforming child. It is important for parents to make their home a place where their child feels safe and loved unconditionally. Research suggests that gender is something we are born with; it can’t be changed by any interventions. It is critically important that children feel loved and accepted for who they are.”

          • SoulSurvivor

            Why do you think this is UNCENCORED ?? It’s called letting the truth be known !!

            And moron I’m 51 today, I remember the 70’s… and The 80’s the AID’S plague..

            You go by what you have been told.. and the REWRITTEN history books..I WAS THERE !!

            And you as a Punk ass want to tell me how it was ??

            You and your feelings, and perverted lies ignored the deaths of Gay men then and today..
            And you want to call others anti-gay… Your suicidal freaks that continue to kill yourselfs and others…

            Here are the facts from real Scientists

            Mental Health
            It is well established that there are high rates of psychiatric illnesses, including depression, drug abuse, and suicide attempts, among gays and lesbians. This is true even in the Netherlands, where gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) relationships are far more socially acceptable than in the U.S. Depression and drug abuse are strongly associated with risky sexual practices that lead to serious medical problems

            Levels of Promiscuity
            Similar extremes of promiscuity have not been documented among lesbians. However, an Australian study found that 93 percent of lesbians reported having had sex with men, and lesbians were 4.5 times more likely than heterosexual women to have had more than 50 lifetime male sex partners. Any degree of sexual promiscuity carries the risk of contracting STDs.

            Life Span
            The only epidemiological study to date on the life span of gay men concluded that gay and bisexual men lose up to 20 years of life expectancy.

            Monogamy, meaning long-term sexual fidelity, is rare in GLB relationships, particularly among gay men. One study reported that 66 percent of gay couples reported sex outside the relationship within the first year, and nearly 90 percent if the relationship lasted five years.

            So don”t you DARE push that human love and bonding crap !! Your own activist’s claim is normal because ANIMALS DO IT !!

          • SoulSurvivor

            And as for your comment that the Academy of Pediatrics says that it doesn’t need curing !!

            That is a blatant lie they have recently stated that the medications for hormone therapy and sexual mutilation of children is child abuse !!

            You can rationalize and lie and deny all you want but here is another fact that you are totally ignoring..

            The Health Care system is about to collapse and the first ones to suffer are going to be the STD ridden homosexual community that sucks the system dry !!

            No more HIV, syphilis or any other STI will receive any medication !!

            In case you haven’t red the Georgia Guidestones for the Communist plan, they want the earth population to be under 500 million.. that’s the extermination of 6.5 billion, so that the people they choose are the ones that actually benefit from their socialistic policies…

            You are home LGBT movement is nothing but a huge sponge that they are using, and when you are not needed anymore.. Well, like all good socialists all throughout history !!

            They will let you die off !! So you feeling lucky ???

          • I feel the Muslims have the correct answer in how to deal with gay people who are forcing their immoral choices on a society

          • SoulSurvivor

            I have to admit my gut feeling tells me oh yeah !!

            Wouldn’t that make us just like them ?? I know it’s a difficult place to be in and emotions can run High, but isn’t it the liberal and the homosexual and the atheist that are totally driven by their emotions.. and created this whole backwards insane planet ??

            We are smarter than that, we are better than that.. Aren’t we ?

          • Dan

            As the calls for genocide come from your side, your answer should be clear.

          • No Genocide, just fighting back against people like you

          • Dan

            Genocide reveals your prejudice is not only irrational, but extreme.

          • Not genocide. But the punishment does fit for what you freaks are doing

          • And again asswipe, no genocide, jujst justice against people like you

          • Dan

            Your links fail to support your claim. Indonesia admits their beliefs are based on tradition and values, not actual science. They present no science, but prejudice instead. The quote from the AAP remains true.

            From your links: “She stressed the importance of upholding national values and norms. ‘€œWe must respect Indonesian traditions, which culturally do not accept same-sex marriage, and we should not bow to the influence of foreign values that may not fit in with our values,’€ said Suzy.”

          • They support my claim and they disprove yours

        • Dan is the type of person we need to keep away from children, and actually put him in Jail

        • Dan

          The promotion on anti-gay sites as if it were real, does not alter the fact it was written as satire.

    • Exactly, this is why we should be going after people like Dan

  • pastor2000

    Commenting on the “T”: Responsible assessments and treatment of those with Gender Dysphoria is a long process before SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) is approved. By long . . . I mean years. Many are not approved for SRS, their dysphoria managed as any MI issues, or the disappointed candidate leaves and goes the “quickie” route and has SRS in places like Thailand.

    • SoulSurvivor

      Medical Truth Tellers
      Physicians will speak at the conference, and I know some of them will address the obvious fact that is biologically impossible to change anyone’s gender. Sure, the cosmetic surgeries can make it look that way, but it is all an elaborate surgical masquerade. Cosmetic changes are incapable of producing a biological change of gender. Some regretters have told me how tiring it was to keep up the masquerade.

      • pastor2000

        I’m wondering about a psychological change. In the programs I am thinking of, the long process of treatment extensive psychiatric/psychological assessment and treatment is part of that process. At end a psychological determination is made if it is clear that the person is living the opposite gender psychologically. The client also “lives” that gender as part of the treatment in dress and habits in the real world . . . all while under the supervision of the program. SRS, is the last part to accommodate the person if all other factors are aligned. And you are correct, there are “regetters”, especially those who go for the “quickie” SRS.

        • SoulSurvivor

          Well if you go to Bill Willson’s approach to dealing with the delusion the alcoholic suffers from, in their absolute denial of believing they actually have a problem….

          The only thing that will convince them is seeing the desastrous effects produced in others that practice their behaviors, and talking with others that suffered and been down the road and recovered… And they can offer their experience, strength, support, and hope to the patient..

          It’s NOT up to psychogists at all.. but one recovered helping the one still suffering. Because they have the experience of truly understanding all the obstacles.But will also take the willingness to change, from the patient.

          But the Government is silencing the people recovered, and promoting to the illness as Healthy… So untill the LIAR’S are silenced, there is little hope to make a noticable difference until the ememy is NAMED.. STEP 1

          ONE HAS TO ADMIT THEY HAVE A PROBLEM.. Not celebrate the illness

      • It’s only cosmetic for now…modern technology is awesome and we’ll have some pretty incredible things available to humanity soon!

        As an aside…”Some regretters have told me how tiring it was to keep up the masquerade.”…well, it seems that it could have been a masquerade for them…good thing all people that share a given characteristic are really all the same. Perhaps they are actually all the same person… O.o

        • SoulSurvivor

          Then how would you like to explain when a newly-formed girl has to have her prostate examined !!

          It’s nothing but external

          • Oh she does?!? That’s a new one on me…you would think that having it atrophy down to the point of being inert would have changed that…oh wait it does! Huzzah for actually knowing about modern medical science!!!

          • Prostate cancer risk is significantly reduced in comparison to males not receiving estrogen therapy. Have the prostate examined once a year is recommended.
            You do not know as much as you think you do

          • LOL,

        • How about if you let them surgically remove your head and move it onto an apes body. If you want to be an animal, go all out

  • Dan

    Lots of false information packed in there.

    Even Freud knew being gay or bisexual was not a mental illness, and the problems they experienced were a result of the prejudice and discrimination imposed by others like the author of this article.

    The listing as an illness in 1952 during the height of the anti-gay McCarthy era, was the political move, while removal in 1973 was based on the replicated, peer reviewed research of E. Hooker and others, including military studies which were intended to show illness but failed to do so.

    Decades of failed attempts to change sexual orientation show it is not subject to change, even when imprisonment and torture are used. When imprisonment, electric shock, castration, emetics, and lobotomies fail, it should be obvious sexual orientation is not subject to change.

    • SoulSurvivor

      You are the one that makes false statements..

      There have been several successful and Lasting turn around..

      You just have your head so far up your rectum you don’t want to look at it !! Here it is in your face !!

      • Dan

        Your reference points out gay and bisexual are different from transgender, and discusses transgender issues.

        While some bisexual people can be happy in a committed relationship with an opposite sex person, the attractions remain, even for bisexuals. Exclusively gay people can suppress their attractions for periods of time, but eventually realize they have not changed orientation, which often causes depression and self destructive behavior including suicide.

        “Contrary to claims of sexual orientation change advocates and practitioners, there is insufficient evidence to support the use of psychological interventions to change sexual orientation,” said Judith M. Glassgold, PsyD, chair of the task force. “Scientifically rigorous older studies in this area found that sexual orientation was unlikely to change due to efforts designed for this purpose. Contrary to the claims of SOCE practitioners and advocates, recent research studies do not provide evidence of sexual orientation change as the research methods are inadequate to determine the effectiveness of these interventions.” Glassgold added: “At most, certain studies suggested that some individuals learned how to ignore or not act on their homosexual attractions. Yet, these studies did not indicate for whom this was possible, how long it lasted or its long-term mental health effects. Also, this result was much less likely to be true for people who started out only attracted to people of the same sex.”

        Based on this review, the task force recommended that mental health professionals avoid misrepresenting the efficacy of sexual orientation change efforts when providing assistance to people distressed about their own or others’ sexual orientation.”

        Insufficient Evidence that Sexual Orientation Change Efforts Work, Says [American Psychological Association]

        • Bisexuals and those that engage in homosexual acts are not seeking relationships.

          • Dan

            The thousands of same sex couples who continue to marry in every state, would disagree with you.

          • They agree and prove what was posted

          • Thank you for speaking for me because I obviously don’t have any opinions or feelings that are my own and have not lived my own experience. This entire time I thought I had a loving relationship with my beautiful partner!

          • You are a selfish moron.All you want is immediate gratification, studies show that those who engage in homosexual acts are either submissives seeking to be owned and degraded, or uncontrolled animalistic behavior types who become the so called tops, these people are more akin to rapists

      • He is one of those we should be going after, he is one of those going after the children

        • SoulSurvivor

          I got a good old school cure for gender confusion !!

          A swift kick in the crotch, it’s a scientifically sound and proven method !!

          If it’s got nads it will be on the floor groaning and moaning and announcing to the whole world exactly what it’s got down there !!

          • We need to drag these people out of the schools and away from our children

          • SoulSurvivor

            I would be happy if they were away from society… wouldn’t it be nice if we had camps all across the United States that we could turn into sanitarium’s for the mentally ill, enemies of the country, mentally deficient, and terminally stupid ??

            Hummm… like FEMA camps ??

          • Dan

            I believe they are called concentration camps.

          • That is what you progressives had

          • SoulSurvivor

            Depends on how you treat people…

          • You are a fool. who is not going to drag anyone anywhere.
            Just running your mouth.

          • Go eff yourself

          • Hey libby, it is people like you who abuse the boys. Time we no longer accept you leftists

          • Dan

            Violence has failed to change sexual orientation as well as gender identity. Yet it remains a favorite tool of those who wish to harm others who are judged as different.

          • But it does shut you up

          • SoulSurvivor

            It’s not about violence.. it’s demonstrating undeniable proof that there is no gender identity !

            If there is a pair down there, is a guy !!

            And your hypocrisy is ridiculous you want to say judged as different ?

            You’re demanding to be celebrated as above others and deserve to be dropped to the floor, for presenting yourself as something that you are not !!

            Give it up criminal you are not going to win this, and yes I said Criminal !! You are a Violator !

          • SoulSurvivor

            What are you doing ??? Hypocrite !!

            I have heard the screams of war against heterosexuals.. The threats of burning down businesses, and even killing all straits.. Don’t make me link you to all the stories.. but hear is one that comes to mind..
            The man convicted of shooting an unarmed security guard at the Family Research Council last summer was sentenced Thursday to 25 years in prison.

            Floyd Lee Corkins II had plotted to kill “as many people as possible” at conservative organizations that he viewed as anti-gay before he was stopped by the guard, Leonardo Johnson.

            You have become homocidal psychopaths that must be rounded up and contained as the threat you are to HUMANITY..

            NONE of your rationalizing and lies will change that FACT.. YOU WILL BE STOPPED !!

        • Dan

          Again you rely on comparing adult relationships to child abuse, in order to support your anti-gay prejudice.

      • Dan

        Some bisexual peolple can be happy with an opposite sex partner, though even most of them admit their attractions do not go away, even with “conversion” programs.

        “Contrary to claims of sexual orientation change advocates and practitioners, there is insufficient evidence to support the use of psychological interventions to change sexual orientation,” said Judith M. Glassgold, PsyD, chair of the task force. “Scientifically rigorous older studies in this area found that sexual orientation was unlikely to change due to efforts designed for this purpose. Contrary to the claims of SOCE practitioners and advocates, recent research studies do not provide evidence of sexual orientation change as the research methods are inadequate to determine the effectiveness of these interventions.” Glassgold added: “At most, certain studies suggested that some individuals learned how to ignore or not act on their homosexual attractions. Yet, these studies did not indicate for whom this was possible, how long it lasted or its long-term mental health effects. Also, this result was much less likely to be true for people who started out only attracted to people of the same sex.”

        Based on this review, the task force recommended that mental health professionals avoid misrepresenting the efficacy of sexual orientation change efforts when providing assistance to people distressed about their own or others’ sexual orientation.”

        Insufficient Evidence that Sexual Orientation Change Efforts Work, Says [American Psychological Association]

    • There was no false information in the article.
      So if we use your false argument, then sex between adults and children would be normal, and rape would be normal as well.
      Not even a nice try on trying to use the McCarthy (History has proven that McCarthy was correct)
      The removal in 73 was not based on peer review, it was removed because the gays were targeting the Doctors and their families
      So Dan take your lies elsewhere.

      • Dan

        Notice you must conflate and confuse committed adult relationships based on mutual love and respect with child abuse to justify your prejudice, showing it is irrational.

        The listing was added in 1952, whether you believe McCarthey was correct or not, and removed based on the peer reviewed, replicated research of Hooker, the military, and others, contrary to the claims of the article.

        • Notice you have nothing to refute what was posted.
          homosexuality is linked to child abuse, that is still a fact you cannot refute. The homosexual safe school czar kevin jennings even admitted that was their goal, same with your hero harvey milk.

          So dan, take your lies elsewhere

  • Kara Connor

    Wheeling out Vatican sex advisor and utterly debunked McHugh? And an article about his views from a fundamentalist web site? You scrape the bottom of the barrel. And by the way, sexual orientation has nothing to with gender identity. Perhaps your ignorance on that matter is behind your misplaced hatred. And yet you rely on someone who the Washington post showed concealed pedophiles, and wanted to force an 11 year old girl to give birth to her rapist’s child.

    The discredited McHugh, Vatican sex advisor, is someone who left the APA specifically because virtually everyone there disagreed with him because he ignored the science.
    According to this Washington Times article from 2002, he is also someone who fails to report pedophiles to the police:
    but given the show of support to the Duggars, it seems that concealing pedophiles is not something right wing fundamentalists take particularly seriously.

    McHugh was also happy to see an 11 year old girl, raped by a relative, die

    Let’s examine Paul McHugh, who is cited as an expert. He has no experience actually treating transsexuals, has submitted no original research on transsexuals and has had no work accepted by a peer-reviewed journal since 1994. One of the article McHugh used to back up similar claims in a recent article was Long-term follow-up of transsexual persons undergoing sex reassignment surgery: Cohort study in Sweden. Dhejne, Cecilia, et al. PLoS One 6.2 (2011): e16885
    Note that it contradicts McHugh’s conclusions by saying “Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group.” Let me repeat that. The paper McHugh relies on refutes his conclusions.
    It notes that improved aftercare is needed. Since McHugh has left Johns Hopkins, they are again operating their gender clinic services, because having reviewed the most up to date published literature, they have concluded, based on the evidence, that it is the right thing to do.
    Note also:
    Debunking Dr. Paul McHugh
    Dan Karasic, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry University of California San Francisco and APA before are member, puts it perfectly when he says:
    “Dr. McHugh ignores the work in transgen­der health in these last 30 years that led to this reversal by HHS.
    Dr. McHugh also mischaracterizes the treatment of gender-nonconforming children. As he states, most gender-nonconforming children do not identify as transgender in adulthood. However, those who receive puberty-blocking drugs do not do so until puberty, when trans identity is likely to persist. These drugs allow adolescents and their parents to work with doctors to achieve the best outcome. This approach was demonstrated to be successful in research in the Netherlands before being adopted widely in the U.S.
    The American Psychiatric Association and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health no longer view transgender identity as inherently pathological. Dr. McHugh’s views are stuck in the past.”

    • Patrick Van Der Ven


    • You have some serious issues Kara. It is you liberals who abuse children

      • Kara Connor

        I think you’ll find it is people like these:

        Pill-popping Arizona youth pastor admits to sexually abusing 15-year-old church member: police
        “Robert Jerez, a youth pastor at Grace Walk Community Church in Phoenix, was charged with nine counts of sexual conduct and one count of sex abuse, reported The Arizona Republic. The 15-year-old girl revealed the relationship to a church employee, who reported it last week to police.”
        Christian youth pastor accused of sexually assaulting multiple victims at California church
        “KTLA reports other young women also reported Aday had sexually assaulted them while a young pastor at the church. He was fired in October. All of the alleged victims are in their late teens or early twenties and were volunteers or parishioners with the church.”
        After Church Leader is Convicted for Decade of Rape, His Community Blames the Victim
        “Prosecutors said the 52-year-old Paden sexually abused the girl up to 300 times over a decade, beginning before she was 5 years old. His 28-year-old son, Anthony Paden, was also charged with sex abuse, although his case remains pending.
        But community members have turned their backs on the girl, who is now 18 years old and testified against her abuser in court, and rallied around Paden”
        Alabama pastor facing charges for raping 9-year-old girl on father’s grave
        “An Alabama pastor of a conservative congregation is being accused of raping a 9-year-old girl on her father’s grave, reports
        Mack Charles Andrews, a pastor at the heavily conservative United Pentecostal Church is accused of raping “Jane,” a pseudonym to conceal the identity of the victim, along with multiple other minors. Andrews allegedly started “grooming” her for sexual abuse when she was only 7.
        “He told me if I didn’t say anything, he would come back and put flowers on the grave,” she told “If I did, he said demons would come and get me from my bed.”
        Jane accuses Andrews of raping her with multiple objects, including drumsticks, a letter opener, pens, a flashlight and a figurine” FL priest arrested on suspicion of having 200 ‘inappropriate’ pictures of parish children on computer
        “investigators found 200 photos of children, many of them taken on parish grounds, on the personal computer of former St. Margaret Mary pastor Stephen Pohl.”

        Missouri youth pastor sexually assaulted girl ‘hundreds of times’ beginning at age 12
        Arkansas pastor’s wife turns him in after finding ‘tens of thousands’ of child porn files

        Pornographer Turned Speechifying Christian Is Jailed for Repeated Sexual Assaults On Girls

        Youth Pastor Gets 15 Years in Prison for Abusing Girls

        Mansfield youth pastor who sexually abused young girls in congregation loses appeal

        Former Des Moines youth pastor pleads guilty to abusively two young girls

        • More like Kevin Jennings, Harvey Milk, Harry Hay, and people like you
          So bigot shut your pie hole

          • Kara Connor

            The Duggars ring any bells for you?

          • The Duggars are living, and corrupting, their own lives. LGBT activists are destroying lives without any concern for the devastation they cause.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if a man tried to go to a domestic violence shelter or rape crisis center “identifying as female” just to assault and rape vulnerable women there.

          • I really do not think she gets that

          • What about them, Harry hay and Harvey milk raped and abused young boys, and you idiots on the left want to put one of them on a stamp, and you want to celebrate them in the public schools, forcing young children to be indoctrinated into your immoral ways

          • Kara Connor

            And yet you fail to denounce Duggary or any of the numerous pastors I provided links about, and make wild assertions about others by way of deflection. How about these people:
            Kendall Baker, the minister who led the anti-trans campaign in Houston was fired from his job for sexual harassment
            Note that the MSM refused to run this story during the Houston hate campaign.
            In Tennessee, Rep. Jeremy Durham, behind the attempt to pass a North Carolina-styled anti-trans bill, was also exposed as a sexual predator
            Arkansas lawmaker Alderman John La Tour, a Tea Party conservative and strident opponent of equal rights for gay people, threatens woman he thought was a man, threatens to expose himself
            She wasn’t trans, by the way.

          • Ysolde

            Why does it seem like the very people most likely to commit assault on a woman are passing laws to “protect” women?

          • Kara Connor


          • Maybe they also think everyone else thinks like them, and since they are predators…

          • LOL

          • LOL

          • Looks like you bought your two socks here

          • Being we are trying to protect women from you animals on the left, make your hat chicken boy

          • Ysolde

            So you’ve misgendered me, called me an animal, and suggested I am afraid. None of these are in any way shape or form true.
            You aren’t trying to “protect” women. You’re just being bigoted filth.

          • No, I identified you for what you are
            The only bigoted filth here are people like you

          • Ysolde

            Wrong. I am a woman and the fact that you keep misgendering me proves that you are a bigoted arse.

          • You are bigoted filth

          • Ysolde

            How exactly? Hmm who am I bigoted against?
            Racists, homophobes, transgender deniers. Disliking them is not bigotry. It is the opposite. It’s decency, not that you would know what that is.

          • And yet you have nothing. You support the homosexual priests that abused the boys
            All your other crap is just BS, shut your pie hole

        • SoulSurvivor

          Like LGBT haven’t deliberately snuck in to where they have access just like they’re doing in little girls rooms NOW !!! You little bastards go after the young like pigs in slop !!

          pedophilia more common among homosexual

          • Kara Connor

            The FRC are a reliable source about LGBT people like the KKK are on race relations. Their sad shills lied about marriage equality, and are lying again. And they’ll lose again.

          • What lie? The redefinition of marriage officially changed it from a selfless sacrifice by two people committed to providing a stable environment in which to raise the next generation of children into a selfish show of force no more significant than being “Facebook official”.

          • Well said. Those who engage in homosexual acts tend to be sexually open and not committed to anyone but themselves

          • Even gay “marriages” are not exclusive/monogamous. To the point where gay activist Dan Savage coined the term “monogamish” to describe gay relationships. 50% of them have explicitly defined “cheat conditions” – like “it’s ok if it’s more than 3 towns away”, etc. And another 20% have partners that do it on the side even without the agreement.

            I can summarize most leftist activism in just a single word: selfishness.

            Abortion? A woman puts her convenience over another person’s life.

            Gay “marriage”? Gay activists see the benefits that our society gives to married couples who sacrifice in order to raise the next generation to not be a burden on us. Married couples sacrifice their ability to move to a potentially better job halfway through a school year, they sacrifice sleep for the first few years, and good ones sacrifice their ability to find another spouse, all “for the kids”. So society pays them back, just a little, and also removes certain obstacles so that those same children have a better chance of becoming adults who are not a burden on society. They want the “rights” without even the possibility of the responsibilities. And they don’t care that their push for getting gay “marriage” will set the groundwork for multiple marriage or child marriage in the future.

            Trans “rights” ? A few men who think they’re women (the vast majority of trans people are men pretending to be women) who may or may not want to molest or rape real women are pushing as hard as they can to get what they want (everyone treating them normal and everyone treating them special), and they’re perfectly OK if doing this makes it easier for others to take advantage of this, and rape or molest women in restrooms, domestic violence shelters, etc. Their selfishness extends to a complete indifference towards the very real threat that real women will suffer as a result.

          • True, leftists tend to be selfish people putting their needs and wants before anything else. They do not care about those around them, nor do they want to help anyone but themselves. And you are spot on about the gay activists, they have admitted that their attack against marriage was never about love, but all about destruction of the moral basis of Western society

          • Yes! Only True Leftists™ are selfish! You sir win the Astute Observation Prize of the Day: a cookie! Anyone and everyone knows that the True Leftist™ does not care about anything nor anyone at all, and in fact lives in abject conditions that make even the worst True Non-Believer™ blush!

          • Go eff yourself

          • Look at you, nothing but a selfish pric$

          • How did you know that we all worship and obey the Almighty Dan Savage!?! Everything he says is automatically true and awesome!!!

          • And again you and your pie hole. You know all you are doing is showing your hate and ignorance here.
            So Kara again ditch the hate and stop being such an intolerant bigot

          • So far I’ve observed more hate from you :-/ …

          • Not at all, I am not the one like you abusing children and forcing your beliefs on a society that rejects your immoral beliefs. You will not like it when our hate and outrage really comes up.

          • Nope

          • SoulSurvivor

            That’s your OPINION !! HERE IS FACT !!

            GAY SHOOTER AT FRC.. Wanted to kill s many as possible !!


            Your homicidal psychopaths that KILLS… you seem to fail to recognize the similarities that you have with the KKK !!

            And you people want us to accept you as a race, as something normal and acceptable ?? You will be treated as the homicidal fascist diseased Vermin that you are !!

            And nobody cares how you feel about that, feelings don’t matter.. Get over it, abnormality !!

          • This is why I say we should be fighting back against people like Kara, they are the ones who cause these kind of shootings to take place

          • SoulSurvivor

            You noticed out of all of the sources I gave that was the one she went after !!

            They’re doing a great job I listen to them every day on the radio, they keep me well apprised of their progress !! And obviously they are really hitting some sore spots 😄

          • 🙂 yep, let them feel the pain of being wrong

          • SoulSurvivor

            It’s going to take a change of this nation.. we can’t allow 3% to 5% of the population control the rest because of their feelings.

            I am so sick of hearing about gay crap, and liberal insanity. All their lies, threats, lawsuits, and crimes !! It has to stop !!

          • Kara Connor

            You perfectly illustrate the animus and attempt to dehumanize people that motivates hate groups like the FCR, AFA, FPI, and people like you. Well done.

          • SoulSurvivor

            Your funny.. That coming from a person that is associated with a group that likes to normalize their activity by saying it is normal because animals do it !!

            Your opinion doesn’t hold any weight.. and I guess you ignore your local Craigslist personal ads

          • No, that is liberals that do what you are saying here

          • “And nobody cares how you feel about that, feelings don’t matter.. Get over it, abnormality !!”

            I can tell that you are a people person! I bet you have a super-rewarding job helping people out who are in need! So envious…

          • SoulSurvivor

            As a matter of fact I had a very successful business actually working in people’s homes for over three decades… I was very proud of myself with only having 4 dissatisfied customers in that hole time… they were just like you, Psycho’s that could not distinguish reality from their own selfish disgusting little delusions..

            One even got arrested for stealing my tools !!

            And like I stated in my post those are facts, not feelings !! I do not operate on a delusion like you, or this whole made up belief of transgenderism ..

            You just don’t like the fact, you’re dangerous to yourself and others.

          • *gasp* a single individual performed an act that really can’t be tied to an overarching group linked by perceived behaviour! Oh noes! Nothing is safe anymore if a single individual can perform a heinous act in isolation!

            I’m pretty sure I’m not dangerous to myself or anyone…besides, by what measure would I even be a danger? Because I don’t agree with you?

            You keep insisting you know me *and* that you are an MD and qualified to diagnose mental issues…I’m sure that’s not the case for either of those…

          • The link to some real evidence (the one from UCD that you obviously didn’t read) snuck through in your links doesn’t support your pet hypothesis…

          • Kara Connor

            Ignoring the religious fundamentalist links, the only peer reviewed publication you cite, from UC Davis, directly contradicts your assertions. Unlike you, I’ve actually read the science on this.

            I quote from your own citation:

            “The empirical research does not show that gay or bisexual men are any more likely than heterosexual men to molest children. ”

            Shot yourself in the foot there. Now address the pastors, and explain how guilt by association isn’t a factor there, but only with groups you hate.

          • SoulSurvivor

            Then I ignore your biased opinion .. see how that works ?

            You’re not better than me , and if you really believe in equality how about if I treat you just like the homosexual treats the Christian.!!

            You are the bigots that are full of hate.. and then your surprised when we retaliate from all the attacks ? You people better learn how to back off like a real fast, you have crossed the line and started a war !!

            You’re sick freaks end of story

          • I don’t call people sick freaks, so perhaps I *am* better than you?

          • SoulSurvivor

            What you propose in the evidence that you present is far more offensive than any name-calling.

          • I’ve provided evidence of little ATM, I just joined…Pray tell, what is this offence I have committed with so much ease I didn’t even notice I performed it?

          • Ken Campbell

            It seems to me that a valid argument would not include words like ‘sick freaks’. This reactive position implies an underlying inability to articulate a position.

            As to the existence of ‘sick freaks’, I will agree they are everywhere. They identify themselves as Christians and they identify themselves as atheists. They are male and they are female. One thing we know however, is that a healthy homosexual and a healthy heterosexual will not find the body of a child to be sexually appealing. So it is ignorant to say that pedophiles are homosexual or heterosexual.

          • SoulSurvivor

            All one has to do is examine your argument.. that’s one thing nice about us that do not speak political correctness… we call things for what they are !!

            TRUTH RULES !!…. and nobody said you had to like it

          • Ken Campbell

            Truth is a great thing. It does require some due diligence in order to separate it from hysteria however. I will agree that truth is not a popularity contest, and will also agree that truth does not need to be defended by attacks on the integrity of your opponent.

            I don’t agree that political correctness is necessarily a bad thing. Those who do not use reasonable and respectful language are likely to be marginalized in the adult discussions

          • SoulSurvivor

            You claim truth is a great thing ??

            But claimed that political correctness is not a bad thing ?

            You are demonstrating it now by calling something what it isn’t, and that is a lie..

            Welcome to the liberal Paradox you live in and we watch you guys run around chasing your tails, trying so hard to cover up your mistakes by lying and denying and calling things that aren’t as though they were..

            The liberal mind is a pathological liar, incapable of recognizing the difference between feelings or opinon from reality…

            You really are quite mad.. mad as a Hatter you might say

          • How is the liberal mind a pathological liar? What was your testing methodology and sample pool that brought you to this conclusion? Do you have you data published in an accessible and verifiable place? Can I perform the same test with similar sample pool and achieve similar results?

          • SoulSurvivor

            Tell you what since I doubt if you’re even going to look at any links that I produce

            Just type in the mental illness of liberalism… you’ll get lots of goodies there !!

            here… take your pick


          • Well…for starters, anyone who uses bing *must* be correct…

            I suppose you are postulating that is a credible source of true dialectic insight? In fact, the vast majority of the links returned must as well adhere to the strictest of journalistic and scientific integrity…because internets!

          • SoulSurvivor

            Actually I do the Bing on my tablet to prevent ads, the ad blocker is more compliant

          • hmmm, did not know…I’m an OpenSource girl, so I stay away from the Microsofts as much as possible…except when I have to walk by one of their offices because I want to go to a lunch place that happens to be near-by…

          • SoulSurvivor

            It is what it is.. the internet is becoming a deadly snare !!

            Somewhere out there there will be some kind of expert to back up anything anybody says !!

            The whole damn world it’s going crazy.. it’s just from the conversations that I have on these new sites it appears that some are more advanced than others in their progress

          • There! Right there! That is one of the fundamental differences between us: I do not honestly think/believe that the world is going “crazy”…

          • SoulSurvivor

            And you really don’t believe you’re crazy..?? You demand evidence then Mock it when I provided and demand that I examined yours ??

            What a delightful personality you must have, like an STD rash that just won’t go away

          • What evidence have I provided that you’ve asked for?!?! I don’t recall doing anything of the sort… I think you’ve been fighting people like me so much we are starting to blend into one queer (and fabulous) ball. You know, people that happen to share a common trait are often, *gasp*, different people with no ties between each other outside of that shared trait.

            I’ve not been nearly as involved in this conversation as you think I’ve been…

          • SoulSurvivor

            It’s because I’m sick of having the same conversations over and over and over and over and getting nowhere.. you have taken your position and even if God rearranged all the stars in heaven right above your house that says homosexuality will cause you death.. you would still argue with the source !!

            This isn’t my first rodeo discussing this matter.. and on an open board like this when you get three or four of you throwing all of these crazy sources trying to back your position by long-winded political correct flatulence, when the real plain and simple facts are plain and clear.

            The lifestyle is dangerous if it leads to an early death, and causes much misery, and pain..
            But the LGBT community absolutely refuses to acknowledge the evidence to prove that with belligerent psychosis, that it truly appears that they just don’t give a damn !!

            I have been threatened, called things with words that aren’t even real, and heard some of the dumbest excuses and all my life.. you guys are a walking Paradox and you can’t even see it.

            You really need to stop making decisions based off of emotions. Emotions are unreliable and ever-changing.

          • Oh thank you so much for either knowing my position on things so well you can answer for me, or assuming you know who I am, what my positions are, and how I may respond to a given situation.

          • SoulSurvivor

            Do you want to know why I know you so well ?

            I actually have some experience in the psychological field, and I’m well aware of the symptoms in the one track thinking..

            The LGBT are a collective.. and the only thing that can truly Define you that you might understand.

            Is the Borg

          • Are you a Poe? Also, I thought you were a Chemist…

            When I learned chemistry, they totally skipped over psychology; now I’m bummed I missed out on that 🙁

          • SoulSurvivor

            Well I’ve been around for quite a while… actually I did not go to school to learn psychology, I am a recovered alcoholic with 10 years sobriety now. Recovery requires understanding how the mind works and addictive thinking patterns, knowing how to recognize them and warning triggers, practicing cognitive behavioral skills to alter one’s thinking and behavior as well as teaching self-control both mentally and emotionally.. I had 30 years of working on that.

            The chemistry is a new development in my life where I am learning a new occupation, I used to own my own business as a handyman. But thanks to Illegal immigration and the financial collapse, nobody could afford to hire me anymore.

            I’m working on starting a new business now.

          • Well…luck on the new career path. I learned Forensic Chemistry in school, it was pretty fun. Got to play with all sorts of things, even visited a ‘pickle-barrel’ nuclear reactor while studying about radioactive decay! Cherenkov Radiation Blue is my favourite colour…

            A warning though…even though you have a lot of experience on your side of the couch on somethings, it doesn’t afford you the same credibility and experience of actually having 30yrs experience as a mental health provider.

          • SoulSurvivor

            My experience wasn’t on the couch… it was learning how to deal with life on life’s terms. And I actually lived and worked in a drug and alcohol treatment center for 2 1/2 years..
            That’s NO couch.. I know 11 murderers three of which are still on death row. Mine wasn’t your average experience.

            I’m focusing on inorganic and environmental chemistry with attention to electrochemistry. I would like to start an electroplating business eventually. I get a little practice by making compounds for a local Pottery supply house.

            I noticed the picture of tanks on your page… are you a barista ? Is that what that setup is for , or is it for an organic extraction ??

          • I’m a Brewster on the side (for now). I’m a Systems Engineer for my $DAY_JOB and work with clusters that are thousands of nodes in size.

            As far as the couch bit…it was more of an if you aren’t the analyser, you are the analysee, and one is vastly different than the other and the experience doesn’t fully cross over.

          • SoulSurvivor

            Actually it does with addiction treatment.. the only one that can truly help the sufferer is one that has already recovered, one of those cases where the student becomes the master.
            I can truly relate with everything that they go through because I’ve been there done that bought that t-shirt, I can help people with their real life problems. It’s all about sharing experience, strength, hope, and support.

            Go read the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, especially the first hundred and sixty-eight pages.
            The rest are personal stories. I bet you’ll find a lot in there that you can relate to, and explanations of why you do the things you do even though you don’t want to do them !!

            I find it hilarious talking to book learnin psychologist.. especially the ones that have been through Obama’s new education czars idea of the new paradigm.. Wow !! They are so screwed up !! I truly pity any of their clients..

            Brewing 😄., I’ve had my hand in that a little myself, I still distill my own alcohol for plant base extraction solvent.. it’s legal where I live.

          • The misery I’ve experienced has not been due to my hands, and in fact things are going quite well! I’m sorry you’ve been threatened and called a plethora of fictitious words.

            I do understand your frustration, and indeed I have many of the same feelings as you do for similar reasons…I just don’t get how people can be so adamant on ignoring data at hand and go full speed with their ignorance.

            In fact, many LGBTQ people feel very similar things too and say very similar things as you just did.

            Oh, also, are we additionally now debating about religion too? Gods keep being invoked randomly…

          • SoulSurvivor

            Well God is more important to me than this issue, and He’s the solution to it as well.. but you don’t have to agree on that.

            Like I don’t know you personally, and if you understood my situation and frustration with the internet and electronic communication.. Wow.. I grew up anytime before the cell phone and personal computer.. I know how to talk to people face-to-face, and I find electronic communication empty.

            But I’m stuck in a world where nobody talks face-to-face anymore. In many ways I’m like a fish out of water. It’s incredibly frustrating

          • Well, I imagine we are separated by some geographical distance, so not talking face-to-face is something we might be stuck with for the time being. That said, “get with it gramps” 😉 tech is cool and can enrich one’s life (with moderation…always with moderation). Technically, I grew up with this technology, and working with it *is*my*profession*. I know how to talk to people face to face, I know how to talk to people remotely (it’s kinda like really fast post). I don’t restrict myself to just one tool, all of them are needed for one purpose or another.

            To which god are you referring to, as I’ve come across many? I don’t believe in any particular god, so this might be interesting to hear how this is influencing your decision making process…

          • SoulSurvivor

            You have no idea what you missed out on… this world is a nightmare to me. Fortunately I don’t have much time left, I earned my name. It’s been a long road, somewhere we made a wrong turn.

            But I understand if this is all you know, how could you know what it was like since they have Rewritten all the history books. My generation is slowly being erased, and that’s what your beloved beloved technology has caused to my generation…

            If you live PNW, you have not experienced socialism at its finest.. it’s a lot like that description in Jurassic Park.. it starts out with oohs and aahs, then comes the screaming blood and death.
            It never fails

          • I’m not sure you actually know what *socialism* is…take a look at and see where you land (me? left and bottom…I’m actually more left than Bernie Sanders)

            I think I have a good idea on what I’ve missed out on, and I’m excited to be tackling the issues of today, not yesterday. Tech has not erased your generation…in fact, every time there has been a paradigm shift in tech like that, there are several who feel that way initially. Heck, in 1922 it was “radio is killing newspaper”. Humanity just moves on…

            You are correct that I haven’t experienced socialism at it’s finest. Oh, if only we were more like Canada, or Iceland, or like any other 1st world country with a high level of happiness and prosperity…

          • SoulSurvivor

            Well you’re going to get a kick out of this.. my last girlfriend was from Canada, we met on the computer.. she wanted to come here to escape Canada. And a top it all off now she’s living in Seattle, she couldn’t handle Country Life 😄

            Like I said I was around before they rewrote the history books.. why don’t you look up Vladimir Lenin’s quote : the goal of socialism is communism. And if you are more left than Bernie Sanders all I can say is… and here is a blast from the past.


          • SoulSurvivor

            Oh I know what that test would say about me, and you would so lovingly refer to me as a right-wing nut !! I’m very proud to admit that !!

          • You are no techie

          • Liar

          • SoulSurvivor

            You know if you ever did a search on actually questioning any of your statements, and examine the all the evidence… and not just from sources that back up your position, not by demanding it from other people but actually do the work yourself like a sane person would

          • Oh, I do…although I’m not sure you do :-/

            I do, however, have fairly high standards for scientific evidence like, you know, the professionals that actually partake in those areas of research…

          • SoulSurvivor

            Well you are a really find this interesting.. I’m a chemist

            Also have been doing several years of research considering the lethal perversions done on science, by activism instead of practicing real science.. just like in the legal system. They make judgments based on their agenda which is the whole subject of this discussion.

            So I referred to the story

          • If that is true, and if your hypothesis holds any water…I applaud you. You do, however, need to ensure that you adhere to strict scientific standards and be able to have others investigate your work and comment.

            Additionally, if the vast majority of professionals in the area of expertise of which you are commenting on disagrees with your conclusions and is able to provide all the necessary bits to sufficiently counter your hypothesis, you do need to abdicate or reformulate.

            Parting note: Just because you have said you are a chemist, does not make it so (I’m the Supreme Empress of the World?)…nor does not make you an actual scientist (labels used in one’s job doesn’t always reflect actual ability, or the real world outside of that company…at the company I work at, a Systems Engineer does not build/design Space Shuttles, at NASA they do). It also does not impart you with any particular special abilities in being able to deal with the sciences outside of your area of expertise.

          • Additionally, I’ve probably asked *waaay* more questions than I’ve postulated anything on this discussion board.

          • As far as demanding evidence goes…it is the burden of the individual making the claim to provide the evidence that supports to postulation.

            I actually do enjoy (it’s a morbid fascination really) reading things from sites like this one and from people like you…it’s like watching a nature show and seeing some strange culture. You learn something new about someone else, you learn something new about yourself…

            I’ve researched things…most of the time I get confused by antigay/antitrans people since it usually seems like they are coming from a completely different planet and I really don’t see anything the way they do at all…or what they say doesn’t line up with anything I’ve known or ever observed, and it gets really difficult to even begin to put yourself in the shoes of the other when you can’t even recognise that they are wearing shoes. So, perhaps a failure of the observer? Does it mean the observer is wrong…possibly…but if there isn’t anything to indicate as such, you really can’t go down that path…

          • “TRUTH RULES !!…. and nobody said you had to like it”

            Probably the most honest and true thing you’ve said…

          • SoulSurvivor

            You can’t distinguish between opinion and fact.. your inherently dishonest and despise the truth. We watch you guys literally break your own necks, trying to avoid the consequences of your deadly lies.

            If it wasn’t so tragic it would almost qualify as slapstick comedy, but mass death always follow your logic. You totally ignore the consequences of what you stand for.. the facts and dead bodies are everywhere..

            I’m old enough to remember before the history books were rewritten.. and even before homosexuality was removed from the DSM.. I do know the truth and you are a liar..

            That’s the facts

          • Oh, I’m so glad you’ve been stalking me so long you know that I “can’t distinguish between opinion and fact”, “your [sic] inherently dishonest and despise the truth”, “[y]ou totally ignore the consequences of what you stand for”, and “and you are a liar”. You, sir, are probably the best investigator in the world since I’ve only just came to this site today and you’ve already been following me long enough to know so much!!!

            What is your data and methodology for determining “mass death always follow your logic”; as far as I know, I’ve never been involved with any effort to that end.

            I’ve never seen anyone literally breaking their own neck trying to avoid the consequences of any lie, deadly or otherwise. How is that accomplished and how did you become aware of this strange behaviour?

            “[T]he facts and dead bodies are everywhere”; are they now? Too bad this is visible to only you :-/. Do you have any suggestions on how you might be able to help those of us who can’t see the world you do understand what you are observing?

          • SoulSurvivor

            Well since you accuse me of stalking I went to your page.. interesting

            If you really want to see the death and destruction pain and suffering ?? It’s obvious that you go to Great measures to avoid it !! I truly doubt if you would even look.

            I guess you haven’t been watching Hillary jump through hoops and playing all kinds of games with the Congressional hearings and FBI investigations.. and the list goes on and on and on and on.

            But since you liberals love to bring in as many Muslims as you can let me show you your future, if you dare to look.


            1, 2 .. they’re coming for you.
            3, 4.. better lock your door

            I have never seen a more suicidal group of people then the LGBT.. you’re all really quite mad, I hope you know that.

          • Don’t care about H. Clinton… And if only like the majority of human societies, Muslims approached things differently region-by-region, culture-by-culture…

            Oh wait, they do…

          • SoulSurvivor

            That’s an interesting article, I had actually not seen that before.. Wiki isn’t exactly the best resource.

            But in case you haven’t noticed there’s been a lot of changes, the creeping caliphate !
            They have no room for you in their world

          • They have no room for lots of things in their world (like shellfish…really, who does that?!?!). I’m not overly concerned that they don’t like some random girl in Cascadia that happens to also like other girls…

            Wikipedia is the gateway to knowledge, not the destination.

          • SoulSurvivor

            I do use it a lot to look up Elemental properties.

            But if you notice when you go to the edited page, there’s a lot of people that like to get in there and play around !! I hear the government has their own Force that alters information.

            It goes right along with their communist agenda of propaganda.

            Islam is growing, they have blood in their eyes and tasted it.. and they like it

          • Whose communist agenda of propaganda? Dude, you are all over the place…can we *please* stick with one tin-foil issue at a time?!?!

            Yes, you can kinda edit pages…but if you knew how wikipedia actually works, you’d be a little less squeamish around it. Also knowledge domain matters immensely when dealing with wikipedia…it’s really good with only certain types of information… (but you should have known that :-/)

          • SoulSurvivor

            Then why do you refer to it ??

            Kind of have a lopsided opinion there do you ??

            And as far as going to the Communist comment.. when I’m getting bombarded buy 20 of you, sometimes it’s tough to keep track.. and it is just as valuable as your issues. All of its tied together with the liberals.. it’s all connected, and of course they’re going to intersect at times.

          • Why do I refer to wikipedia? I thought we already went over that… O.o Or maybe I’m confused on what you are referring to in “Then why do you refer to it ??”. How is my opinion lopsided? We’ve covered a few things so far and I’m also doing other things, so my apologies if I’m just not keeping up. Why is communism/socialism automatically bad? Where I come from, we have a long history with Socialism.

            “when I’m getting bombarded buy 20 of you, sometimes it’s tough to keep track.. and it is just as valuable as your issues. All of its tied together with the liberals.. it’s all connected, and of course they’re going to intersect at times.”

            The same can be said for ‘conservatives’ or what-ever (isn’t liberal v. conservative a little over simplified?) from my point of view. So same effect, different group. Probably has more to do with that we are human…

          • SoulSurvivor

            Really you grew up around socialism ?? And you ask what’s so bad about communism ?

            Oh my… so have you ever really had a taste of freedom, real freedom ?? It’s never free.

          • I’m from the PNW…I’m as free as (I assume) you are…

          • The stalking bit was an attempt to explain how you think you know me so well, and are able to comment on things I’ve not actually mentioned here…

          • Kara Connor

            You can certainly ignore me. However, when your own post has a citation that contradicts you flatly, you are ignoring fact.

          • SoulSurvivor

            No I’m just ignoring an ignorant colon polyp… that would be you.

            Some of that information is older, and they’re constantly doing studies.. now for the main point.

            I don’t have to prove anything to you because you’re nothing but an avatar, you’re psychotic and no evidence that I present is going to change your mind.. you’re an impetulant little child that screams like a 4 year old in the grocery store that can’t have the candy bar ..

          • That’s not very nice, even if most polyps are benign and don’t cause any harm 🙁 (or so the Mayo Clinic assures me)

          • SoulSurvivor

            But it’s the real pain in the ass to get you in the end

          • I see what you did there, so punny!

          • Kara Connor

            Well your post proved exactly the opposite of what your claim was. And you posted it. LMAO!

          • SoulSurvivor

            No.. you only see what you want to see because you’re delusional Little Fool.

            Ignoring the religious fundamentalist links,

            You prove my point and you posted it

            Humanist, Lesbian, Atheist. in Seattle

            Yeah you got Charlie Sheen “WINNER ” written all over you !! He laughed a lot too… Before !!!

          • This sick effs have no place in society

          • No, you just are an ignorant moron

          • .
            MY colon polyps are smarter than yours, apparently, @disqus_SsIpXYmbc6:disqus …

            … I do know of one “… grocery store that can’t have a candy bar …” — MOM’s, My Organic Market in the US capitol area, where they don’t carry anything that markets sugar to children.

            Butt, you can take your colon polyps to any other grocery store that can have candy bars, and maybe they will let you or your colon polyps have one.

            ( PS, I have no doubt who is only an avatar. )


          • SoulSurvivor

            I bet you’re disappointed now that you’ve lost your murder capital of the United States status this year, you guys had a good run !!

            Good thing you cut down on all that sugar !!

          • .
            So, you link sugar and murder … you are smarter than you think.

          • SoulSurvivor

            Actually NO… I link it directly to liberalism. And maybe it’s the fact that Hillary’s busy this year and not meeting her quota !! At least around town painting it red !! Literally

            I just said it’s a good thing you cut out all the sugar

          • .
            You link sugar to liberalism?

            How so?

            The sweetness of Bernie and Hill?

          • SoulSurvivor

            Look this is ridiculous conversation.. we are Polar Opposites fighting for exactly what each hates about the other.. I want the world as it was, and I believe you want to convert it into a nightmare just for your own kicks and giggles. I don’t believe you know how anything functions, because you were born into a lie.

            I won’t hold you personally responsible anymore, but I will never concede, too much has been lost already and I will fight to the death to defend what little we have left of what made this nation great. I am a patriot, and I see you as a threat to my way of life.


          • .
            We think as one!

            I too believe in:

            — our credo and promise of our Declaration of Independence

            — our contract of our Constitution and Amendments

            … with Constitutional recognition, support, and protection, for inborn inalienable equal rights, to each individual’s own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, regardless of those being inborn, acquired, or chosen, with no discrimination in government or public accommodations.

            Yes, yes, bring all of that back.

            Don’t Make America Grate Again, instead, continue to make the US great, one citizen at a time.

            No more second class citizens, ever, please — thank you.

          • SoulSurvivor

            I had misunderstood you I apologize. All of what’s been going on has been incredibly stressful for me, and I jumped to conclusions. I’m sorry

          • .
            Cool, clear the decks and start over — no damage done, everyone on the Internet can start over with every next time we connect — welcome back, and let’s make some peace, love, and happiness for everyone.

          • Liberal ideology and the homosexuals want to make 2nd class citizens of the Christians

          • SoulSurvivor

            Oh I was tired when I wrote that .. I missed the point. Now I see the deceptiveness in its comment

          • He is being slick, fresh eyes saw what he was doing

          • .
            Hahahahaha barf.

            Christians are homosexual and homosexuals are Christians.

            Jesus healed the homosexual companion of the Roman Centurion, and only commented on the Centurion’s faith, not sexuality.

            Same with Mary Magdalene.

            Same with the woman about to be stoned for adultery.

            Jesus said nothing about their sexuality.

            Take a lesson in that, all ye who claim that Jesus is your Christ and savior:

            Sexuality is no one else’s business, not yours, not mine, not the government’s, not public accommodations, not Jesus’s, not Gods.

          • Nothing sweet about liberalism

          • SoulSurvivor

            This idiot thinks Liberals are sweet as sugar and that we are Psychopathic Killers.

            He won’t even acknowledge the murderess liberal agenda

          • He is not on the side of the Constitution, he opposes what the founders established.

            He is a liberal that is evident

          • Liberal ideology

          • Fail

          • SoulSurvivor

            Yeah this one’s as bright as a dark light

          • He is trying to be deceptive about his true agenda

          • SoulSurvivor

            All Liberals are it’s sleight of hand.. always distracting and stirring things up getting the Flies buzzing

          • Which is why we call them on that

          • These haters have to hate

          • SoulSurvivor

            It’s like an aphrodisiac to them

          • Look at Nazi Germany, same thing happened there

          • SoulSurvivor

            You know they’re never going to stop unless they are stopped.. they’re totally insane if not demon possessed

          • Which is why I am not opposed to using force against them

          • NGN

            Looking in the mirror again, eh?

          • sdf

          • You are wrong

          • LOL, what a chimp

        • Association Fallacy and massive red herring Wall of Words™ copy pasta.

          • That is all they have

          • Ken Campbell

            you seem to lack a reasonable response.

          • I see, truth and logic are not ” a reasonable response” to you.

            Well LGBT jihadis aren’t exactly known for their ability to think, so I guess your comment was predictable.

            Go back to your “husband” but get checked regularly for HIV — because a supermajority of partners in a fake “marriage” cheat on their “spouse.”

          • Ken Campbell

            I am all for truth and logic. I have not seen it in this string yet. I do see lots of unsubstantiated statements and party line comments from people who generally couldn’t can’t put together a cohesive thought.

            So if you really want to play in the big leagues of logic, you need to present more than just party phrases (for example, your cheating on the spouse comment). Do carry on. I shall await a rational statement.

          • I don’t repeat “party phrases” like your side is doing. I’m sorry that factually based statements upset you, and I understand that facts destroy your narrative — but that’s life, bunky.

          • Ken Campbell

            I agree that the truth can be a painful experience. This has been part of the re-activity to the concept of same sex marriage. Even though this is the law in many countries, there are still some fringe people who see it as invalid. Mind you, I read this morning that there are still members of the flat earth society, so I guess self delusion is a fairly strong force.

            In any event, I would offer you the opportunity to state a ‘truth’ and to then have a chance to back it up. I suspect this will be difficult for you as you seem unwilling to accept reality in so many areas.

          • And your helper, Caitlyn is accusing ME of using logical fallacies????

          • Ken Campbell

            Caitlyn can manage her own arguments. If we are similar in our positions, it is purely coincidental.

            I am still waiting for some position on your part. Then we can discuss logical fallacies

          • Yeah, Right, Uh huh. Sure.

            And the sun will rise in the west tomorrow morning.

          • Ken Campbell

            I’ll tell you what, make a point or statement on some aspect of your position and lets see if we can reach a debating conclusion on it. I promise to debate fairly and to answer any question you pose.

          • LOL! right.

          • Ken Campbell

            The challenge is up. Don’t be shy

          • Ken Campbell

            It is my theory that the rantings of the anti-gay movement is rather empty of valid facts. Most of the time they will sprout their hatred and make up statistics and information that they share among themselves until they believe their stories. Very few can actually hold up in an argument with an adult. So I am not surprised by your reaction and forgive you for your ignorance

          • Amazing how you described the tactics of the LGBT jihadis to a “T” and then projected these tactics onto the other side.
            In my experience trolls like you have ZERO facts. Zero statistics, and scoff at perr reviewed research fining as “made up statistics”

          • Here is you looking for some more talking points

          • Ken Campbell

            Is this part of your porn collection?

          • Nope.

          • Ken Campbell

            apparently you find it meaningful.

          • Nothing you say do I find Meaningful. I see you as a very ill-informed person

          • Ken Campbell

            That is interesting since you don’t even know me.

            As to the photo, it is apparent that you do find it meaningful and/or humorous as you have kept it on your computer.

          • Where is your point, or are you just an ahole

          • Ken Campbell

            My point is that the anti-gay crowd couldn’t present a valid argument no matter how hard they try. They are driven by reaction formation (look it up) and ignorance

          • You do not have a point, that is why you effers had to use the corts to force your beliefs on the country, because the people rejected your message. So now it is fair game to use weapons against those using the courts to pass unconstitutional rulings

          • Why don’t you make a point

          • Ken Campbell

            I would be pleased to make a point. I will make the point that same sex marriage is a valid addition to the freedom of citizens in any country.

          • Here is a point

          • Ken Campbell

            And you have made it very well. Thank you for sharing. I shall seek rational conversation elsewhere

          • Do not let the door hit you. I have zero respect for social liberals. I see you as enemies to freedom and liberty.

          • Ken Campbell

            That is a very narrow view paul. I personally find most people have a perspective that is interesting, even if it is only a glimpse into their thinking. It is generally not what they say but how they say it that is irritating. If you don’t seek other opinions, you will never have the opportunity to validate your own

          • So…if both sides are claiming that the other is performing some debate faux-pax (‘party phrases’, ‘projection’, ’emotion v. reason’, etc.) how do you propose one resolve this obvious conflict?

            One way of helping things out might be to not say things like ‘I don’t repeat “party phrases” like your side is doing.’ Can we all be more cognisant of what we say and try to not knowingly sow dissent and strife and use logical fallacies?

          • Uhm. you just used a logical fallacy: Ad hominem.

            Troll much?

          • Actually, I totally didn’t… At what point in that post did I attack your character and not the substance of the discourse?

          • …knowingly sow dissent and strife and use logical fallacies?

          • “I totally didn’t” ??
            Are you some brainless overage valley girl now?

          • Like for sure…

          • Well, the “dumb blonde” stereotype fits your posting style perfectly!

          • I think it is a guy playing at being a girl

          • These people are such morons

          • Not that bright

          • Ken Campbell

            Accusing the other of using ‘party phrases’ is not inappropriate if I can show where this has been done.

          • Here

          • No you are not

          • You seem to lack common sense

          • Ken Campbell

            give it a try. You will discover that good sense is not all that common

          • You do not have good sense

          • Ken Campbell

            I do actually. However, you won’t know that until you start a conversation. It is not generally a good idea to make judgments before you start investigating (that is good sense)

          • No, you really do not, you are a social liberal, in other words the enemy

      • SoulSurvivor

        They do more than abuse children.. this new breed is taking it to a new level !!

        • Which is why we need to remove them from have contact with the children

          • SoulSurvivor

            Well you see their resolve.. They won’t stop, they have spent decades preparing this. I can’t believe we have allowed it to get this far. Everybody put their hopes in Congress and the courts, and we just kept getting smacked !! They’ve targeted us and killed some of us, and still people put their hope in people.

            All this political correctness and insane policies, the barbaric War.. have you noticed the pattern how they come in waves, like a tag team ? The Liberals with a new policy, the LGBT, militant atheist, militant feminist, Planned Parenthood, ISIS attack, new executive order, and then the cycle starts over. And of course through the whole cycle the pouring in of more Muslims and Mexicans.

            What truly amazes me the most, is the absolute refusal of the right to get together as a team to fight this. We have a few organizations that will take on a petition or a court battle, but my main question, the true desire of my heart…

            Where are all of the American men ?? Where are the militias, or even organized patrols to protect the area or at least keep an eye on all these Invaders ? Even the liberal Swedish men put together anti-rape Patrols… Why won’t people meet ?? No organization at all… only excuses. It just totally astounds me… like signing a petition is going to do it ? No preparations at all… why ?

          • Time to stop turning the other cheek, and time to start fighting back. Time we put them back in the closet where they belong

          • SoulSurvivor

            Yeah.. closets are good for skeletons

          • And keeps things private how they belong

          • SoulSurvivor

            I could use some nice peace and quiet.. and they can keep their crap to themselves.

            They did away with don’t-ask-don’t-tell, and look what it did

          • NGN

            Remove me coward. Big man with a keyboard. LOL!

      • “It is you liberals who abuse children”
        What an ignorant, cowardly thing to say.
        You have no integrity.

        There are liberal child abusers and there are conservative child abusers. Anyone who denies that cares more about making a stupid point for morons to “LIKE” than they care about protecting children.

        • Shut up libby, you idiots on the left are the child abusers, we should be kicking you effers out of the country

      • NGN

        Mostly church going heterosexual males….

    • Wow. What a long-winded piece of copy pasta.

    • Sock

      Now that you have ignored the article by making mass distractions and posting OpEds let’s discuss the article. LBGT is a group of practicing sexual deviants with a multitude of mental disorders which always accompany their sexual disorders. The actual question among members of APA is what will be the overall effect if the list of Sexual Disorders is placed back into the DSM? The APA is divided not on the Sexual Disorders they are divided more so in being subject to the special interests groups and politicians discrediting large portions of the psychiatric profession as a whole. Imagine an entire class of people being psychologically treated, big money. Most professionals in the psychiatric field do not deny LBGTs have Sexual Mental Disorders, primarily orientation, but do treat the accompanying disorders not the primary disorder. There are several forces at work which are the problem being forced on the majority of society. We know the government recognizes the dangers of the STD aspects or it wouldn’t be a large portion of the CDC’s website. In the past LBGT has declined to be subjected to psychological studies and research but in the last several years more and more are volunteering. Thus far science is not favorable to LBGT efforts to protect themselves as nothing more than a self-identifying issue pushing them back to mental conditions. Absurdity has drawn fire from opposition due to LBGT having pushed legislation that forces people to comply with the desires of the mentally disturbed. Once the lack of common sense take precedence we’ll see more to follow not unlike the insane running the asylum. The door to that “slippery slope” has been opened and it appears no one has a solution to close it despite all the facts.

      • Kara Connor

        The article specifically quotes McHugh.

        • You have failed at everything

        • Sock

          You might want to refute with an article which cites facts not philosophical opinion. I would say judging by the extremely biased sub-header “A progressive voice shining light into the darkness of regressive politics. Pretty much anything will be fair game, and little will be held sacred.” and after reading several delusional “blogged” opinions an actual scientific refute is due. It amazes me that some treat these Mental Sexual Disorders as if it is biologically correct. It is akin to treating someone who has Bi-Polar Disorder or Manic Depression as if no treatment or help is needed. In fact LBGT are not the group with a mental disorder it is the 98% who are not LBGT who are inflicted with the mental disorders despite science and specifically biology. The approach and choice to remove the Sexual Disorders of LBGT from the DSM has proven to be a deadly mistake which is being perpetuated by non-professionals in the field psychiatry. Besides, how in the hell has LBGT become more important than a cure for cancer or cardio and pulmonary diseases that kills millions each year? LBGT needs to understand that a “right” imposes no obligations on another person. As soon as you force an obligation on an unwilling participant is that not a form of slavery?

    • It is you sick effs that are scraping the bottom of the barrel

      • Kara Connor

        Brilliant rebuttal /s

  • Patrick Van Der Ven

    Is the Murdeck the Mormon?

    • Nazi

      • Patrick Van Der Ven

        Hello nice to see you back?

        • Nazi. What about those Germans that go to Africa and Asia to rape the little children

          • Patrick Van Der Ven

            Search Results
            Lügen. Alles, was Sie jemals sprechen, ist nicht wahr. So, jetzt weiß ich, wem ich spreche. Ich werde aufhören.

          • Wrong again German. We used to shoot at German UN troops in Africa during the 80’s as they were trying to molest the young boys

          • Patrick Van Der Ven

            Bitte, wenn Sie mich sprechen wollen, möchte ich es in meiner Muttersprache zu sein. Ich glaube wirklich, Sie sind verrückt und ein gefährlicher Fanatiker.

          • Go eff yourself German

          • I like your sunny disposition! You seem like a super-awesome person that I’d like to hang around with!

          • Ken Campbell

            except she is wrong

          • No she is correct, she is a homosexual

          • Ken Campbell

            It doesn’t make her right. She is missing some very important points

          • She knows what she is, and she knows what drives he homosexual acts. She is missing no points, homosexual acts are not about love, there is no love among those who engage in homosexual acts

          • Ken Campbell

            The only ‘subject’ that she can interview in this is herself, as is the case for most of us. People with strong homosexual or heterosexual tendencies will state quite clearly that their sexual orientation is built into them and is not a choice. Those with bisexual (attraction to both sexes) orientations will often say it is a choice issue, because for them it is a choice.

            There is also a group of both orientations where sex is not about love but is about power. This group leads to the predator type of sex, and frequently leads to multiple relationships

          • She nailed you

          • Ken Campbell

            That makes no sense at all……

          • SoulSurvivor

            Patrick may not understand English..

            leck mich am Arsch

          • Your German feels a bit off…

          • SoulSurvivor

            Thank Google Translator..

          • LOL

          • Screw your native language and you are the crazy one. And as for fanatical, that is you gay idiots

          • Patrick Van Der Ven

            which country and when? I would also ask the Nationality of the arrmed forces you were serving with?

          • Sudan. And always, you Germans are just like that. That is why you go to Asian countries to abuse the children in Thailand and the Philippines

  • Patrick Van Der Ven

    Hallo wie geht’s dir? Ich habe dich so sehr vermisst.

  • SquirePraggerstope

    Yep. I’ve been posting on the repulsive ‘Guardian’ board about this in connection with the suspension of Chief Justice Moore of Alabama only to see over half of my comments summarily deleted by the bien pensant mods, while sundry hysterical screaming queans have buried me in ad hominems without attracting the slightest censure.

    Eee, it can be an ‘ard life on t’ interwebz somtimes, tha knows. lad.

    • Yes they social justice warriors seek to silence the speech of the opposing ideologies

  • Bruna

    Kaitlyn King

  • There is no “gay agenda.” There is a human rights agenda.
    that is equal rights for all as a prerequisite to equal responsibilities.

    It’s so simple that bigots never get it, because the bigot needs a victim.
    Whether the victims is gays & lesbians, transexuals, Jews, Blacks, “Japs,”
    Muslims. Christians, Hindus, native peoples, Mexicans… it does not matter.
    The victim is the interchangeable “other,” because the bigot refuses to believe
    that we are all much more alike than we are different. It’s pathetic really.

    • Liar

    • SoulSurvivor

      You psychotic butt plug !! We know all about it it’s been laid out years and years ago.

      • Did you ever notice how easy it is to get ignorant
        cowardly people to believe preposterous nonsense?

        The guys who manipulate you, they get it.

        • SoulSurvivor

          You think that I’m going to believe your lies talk about an ignorant coward that tries to manipulate..

          Your lies don’t work.. you will be stopped !

          • Maybe… but certainly, not by a punk like you.

          • The only punk here is you, this is why we advocate that people should fire people like you

          • SoulSurvivor

            Aren’t you a bad one.. little fembot. You know you only got a few months of protection left.
            I may not personally run into you, but I know full well you’re going to run into the wrong individual.. you know this is a very very violent world !!

            Your days are numbered

          • The only punk here is you

        • The cowards here are you. Give us one reason why we should believe you, or trust you

    • BULLSHIT, you are a liar, you defend those that abuse the boys

  • glenbo

    If being LGBT is a mental disorder, then we must treat people with mental disorders, such as schizophrenia as having a disability. People who have disabilities are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act and therefore cannot be discriminated against.