Gender-benders: Phony civil rights activists


As someone who marched with Martin Luther King Jr., I am offended and embarrassed by where the “civil rights” movement has found itself in 2016. As a youngster, I remember traveling through the Deep South and seeing racially segregated public restrooms. I had heard of such things, but I had never seen them with my own…

  • Ferd

    First of all, “transgenderism” is a state of mind. What is to prevent sexual predators from posing as “transgendereds” under these new “civil rights” breakthroughs? It’s only a matter of time. I suspect there are many rapists contemplating using isolated women’s restrooms for future attacks.

    I have used this argument many times only to be shouted down by those with twisted minds and their own sick agendas.

    Their claim is if a perv or pedo was going to do this they already would have. Never mind that with the passing of these laws is an open door policy to all. In Washington state it is unlawful to challenge them and ask their gender.

    People should be pulling their children out of these schools in droves. Boycott any business that supports these laws. We must protect our women, children and ourselves. Sanity is under attack by our own government. Apathy is not the path to freedom.

    • SoulSurvivor

      Yeah.. Just like Satan they never change their game.. I have heard their reasoning, and it’s psychosis on meth !!

      Bible prophecy is never wrong and this election is a dog and pony show if the country’s people don’t change..
      only Jesus can turn this country around, ONLY JESUS !!

    • STFB

      I saw that post about Target Stores [petition against Transgender bathrooms] today – and thought this may be the only way out of this – Vote with your feet!!!

  • In a Breitbart article, they listed one case after another of pervs posing as transgenders filming women and children in the bathroom and a few cases of women getting attacked. What we need is for some conservative lawyers to start class action suits against the businesses subjecting their female patrons to these situations. These incidents need to be plastered on the news every time they happen. Many Americans have had it with this crap. Many more are real close to it. I believe the SJWs have overplayed their hand and either don’t realize it or simply can’t stop themselves from train-wrecking.

    The least we can do is help them get that train wreck as soon as possible.

  • This world is starting to tick me off !!!

    • I have to agree, the immoral ones are getting out of control, spreading their hate and immorality around the globe. Sadly it starts in western nations because of the leftists

  • Bruna

    Miss Alda Muller III