Comment Migration Complete


After a long-fought battle, the comment migration for the old Uncensored News and Views site is complete, with some caveats:

  • We weren’t able to retain the User ID information.  This means that while your comments will appear to be from you, and are, actually, your own comments, they don’t appear in your recent comments feed, and responses to them won’t notify you.
  • Some “orphaned” comments, particularly those which are replies to deleted posts, didn’t get imported.
  • Some other random comments also didn’t get imported, for reasons we still cannot understand.

HAL has retained over 49,000 comments across 746 articles, and most have been imported into Disqus, and will at least appear on older articles.  Please note that this does not mean that the older articles are broken — if you post on an older article today, and someone replies to you, that will still operate like a normal Disqus comment.

Most articles have been re-opened for commenting.

This week, there will be some posts for new authors interested in posting on this site.  This site has a few enhancements that the Disqus Channel system does not support (without the Boterator).  The article will contain information on how to use these features and also any available Boterator commands for them as well.  Also, the Boterator will have a major enhancement released this week as well.

Thanks for bearing with us during this transition — more enhancements are to follow, but we’re comfortable here in our new home.

And two special mentions:

  1. To the G(x) Operatives that thought they could silence us, we can only say:  9ec4c12949a4f31474f299058ce2b22a .
  2. For all else, our motto is: Opus Dei cum pecunia alienum efficemus .




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  • Excellent News. And let the G(x) liberals stew over this, they are impotent to stop free speech

  • Clayton Bigsby

    I would have shown up sooner but I had a couple hundred thousand Liberals to piss on.

  • KUDOS to Freedom and all those who helped him give the site the look it has! Looks great!

  • Bruna

    Harrison Nikolaus