What do you think about the evolution of human species ?

I like talking about many things, including the evolution of human specy. Here is an article about "a child who recovers sight thanks to a cornea of pig". Summary : a Chinese, 14 year old boy who lost his right eye because of a petard was able to partially restore sight by being grafted a pig cornea. A first global story.
English article > http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…

In my former articles, I talked about :

– Humankind could not exist if an "accident" had not occurred there 600 million years. There are more than a billion years, the Earth was mainly populated by unicellular organisms, a single cell organisms such as bacteria. At one point, multicellular organisms that have multiple cells so, however, began to appear. The video is in English > http://www.maxisciences.com/ev…

– Many scientists say we were :
aquarian bacteria
crawling fish
african ape
then we are now different

– In absolute, pigs really are almost identical to humans, say scientists > http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sci…

What do you think about all these articles ? What can we conclude ? Can you make your own synthesis ? What do you think about aquarian bacteria, rampant fish, lizard, ape, pig ?

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