Fascist Channels

I signed up for this website through breitbart and there was was a discussion about an Illinois inn denying a gay couple to get married at their establishment on a news channel called news views

All of a sudden fascist Franny swoops in and bans me because she’s a homo lovin fascist Then I go to a country channel and Liberal Lamey bans me there too!

Then a self proclaimed secretary at switchboard with no power in real life tells me to come here


Sorry if you commies hate America. I love it and you won’t tread on me!

This is for all mods of the following stupid censoring channels:

News Views/ homo views
Honkytonk heroes/ liberal country land
I dream of Disqus- commie nest

is this where I can speak my mind or is that goin to end in a censor liberal power trip fest?


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