And if the dinosaurs were killed by an interstellar cloud ?

The extinction of the dinosaurs is for palaeontologists an unsolved mystery. Although many theories have been set forth as to the factors responsible for this event that occurred there 65 million years, they are still the order of the hypothesis. Most scientists agreed on the thesis of a massive asteroid impact of which remains today the famous Chicxulub crater in Mexico. However, a new study by Japanese scientists could fully recover in question this scenario.

Published in the journal Gondwana Research, the research theory is much more radical. According to the latter, the extinction was caused by the passage of the Earth through huge interstellar cloud.

The cluster density, called by the authors "Winter nebula", would have been enough to block the sun’s rays. This would have led to global cooling but also parallel the destruction of the ozone layer, blocking photosynthesis and therefore the destruction of a large part of life forms.

The transition of our planet through this cluster could last up to a million years. A large enough time to cause irreparable consequences.

If this theory may seem astonishing, scientists defend themselves by claiming that the scale of global disturbances is such that it could not have been caused by a single event such as an impact. Moreover, the theory that the solar system periodically pass through dense interstellar clouds is not new. Scientists know that such clusters exist.

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