34. active shooter in las vegas

Radio Free Vegas broadcasting network.

One day closer to victory white humans!

from your lone wolf las vegas

active shooter at or near a welfare office. near to a elementary school also.
Redacted by seawolf.
we have one k-9 officer going to the vet and a cruiser is under fire or has taken fire.
i will continue updates as the day goes on.
and will provide a darn RJew link asap.

update 116pm pst 3/31/2016

according to the police scanner the gunman is in police custody.


update 131pm pst 3/31/2016

this happened literally at the end of north west las vegas. any further and you are in the Paiute reservation.

update 148 pm pst 3/31/2016

according to the darn RJew the gunman was shot and no officers other than K-9 unit Nicky were harmed.

this ends my coverage of another fabulous day here in sunny las vegas.

have a nice day white humans.

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