10,000 millionaires left France because of "religious tensions"

This is apparent in the report Millionaire migration in 2015 developed by New World Wealth, an organization that collects information on the rich. This represents 3 % of the population of millionaires in the country.

The city of Paris is the head of the country where there is an exodus of the rich. 7000 wealthy individuals residing in the French capital have left the country last year.

According to the report, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Sweden, the country where "religious tensions begin to emerge" could also present shortly a similar trend.

After France, the countries that experienced the strongest exodus of millionaires are China, Italy, India, Greece, Russia, Spain and Brazil. But most of them cite the lack of economic opportunities as the main reason for their departure.

The preferred millionaires destination is Australia, which hosted 8,000 wealthiest people in 2015. It is followed by the United States, Canada, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand. Most rich who fled France went to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and Israel. The study predicts that this exodus will continue in the following years.

The city of Sydney has welcomed 4000 new millionaires. Two other Australian cities, Melbourne and Perth, are among the most popular cities. Tel Aviv, Dubai, San Francisco, Vancouver and Seattle, complement this ranking.
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