**Confirmed!** There are PAID trolls on Disqus

You may or may not be familiar with Jeff Cigar / Richie Rich / Doug McAfee, but it goes without saying that the Internet is infested with trolls. Many of us have long suspected that a number of them are paid to do so. I now have proof from the horse’s mouth.

Jeff Cigar is a foul-mouthed "gay" man(?) who specialized in calling straight people he targets various gay and lesbian slurs. He has been following me like a shadow for the past month, always bragging how he is going to get my comments ** and my account** deleted. (He has deleted THREE accounts so far since I met him,then comes back with another one, and immediately outs himself by attacking me. This new one — Doug McAfee — he used to attack me THE SAME DAY HE CREATED IT!)

And he isn’t very bright. Today, on a chest -pounding brag, he admitted he is being paid.

EDIT: And, since he now has realized he isn’t fooling anyone, he has changed his screen name to *gasp* JEFF CIGAR.

The only question is **WHO** is paying him. Given the fact that for MONTHS he has blatantly violated the TARGETED HARASSMENT rule, but has yet to be kicked off Disqus, I have my suspicions.

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  • Incognito

    i hate trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A paid troll? This is new to me…

    • One forum sites, they call them “tame” or “house” trolls. They are posters whose job it ism is to make the site seem popular vai # of comments posted metrics.

  • Maze Winner

    Seems the group hiding in Disqus generating these trolls wipes Google of any searches about this type of thing

  • What about inti the troll??