Minimum Wage

It is very easy to say let’s raise minimum wage. It’s easy to ask for more pay as well. Forcing private employers to pay employees more is an entirely different story. We’ve seen thousands upon thousands of small businesses close for a lot less than forcing higher wages. With thousands of stores and over a million employees Walmart is without a doubt a powerful corporation who will close stores to avoid paying someone far more than the services these employees provide the company. Can you blame them? Though I rarely shop at Walmart I am not opposed to boycotting businesses who backed legislatures who raise minimum wages. Nor am I opposed to boycott anything produced in these localities either. I’ve done without a lot of things in life for sake of principles. The sad fact is that in areas where minimum wage has gone to $15/hr the same people are complaining because their eligibilities for welfare are diminished. Welcome to earning a living.……

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