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Guest Post by: Infadelicious Disqus’ Record Over the past year Disqus’ problem resolution record has been abysmal .  I have watched several of my friends being doxxed, their addresses, real name, occupation etc posted over and over again on line. 3 of my friends have deleted their accounts, since Disqus’s inaction left them no choice […]

Vote Manipulation

Time to unite to end these shenanigans.

 As the World Burns Hello fellow Disqus users who have been seeking answers to many questions that surround the Disqus shenanigans that have been transpiring for a while. Many of you have been fighting these problems for a long time, some of us for a short time and some are new to the fray. It […]


Texas, California secession movements boosted by Brexit

Within hours of the Brexit vote, Texas independence activist Daniel Miller was flooded with messages from people in other states with one question: How can we do this? The United Kingdom’s vote Thursday in favor of severing ties with the European Union has invigorated secession movements across the pond from California to New England by […]


Palin applauds ‘smart brits,’ says U.S. should follow suit and leave UN

Because they’re exactly the same thing, says the foreign policy genius. ‘Congratulations, smart Brits. Good on you for ignoring all the fear mongering from special interest globalists who tend to aim for that apocalyptic One World Government that dissolves a nation’s self-determination and sovereignty… the EU being a One World Government mini-me,’ she wrote. Palin […]


Famed OJ attorney F. Lee Bailey files for bankruptcy

Bailey owes more than $5 million to the IRS. Debts to the IRS aren’t normally discharged in bankruptcy proceedings, but the 83-year-old Bailey said Friday that they can be if one abides by certain conditions, such as filing and paying his taxes on time since the original taxes and penalties were assessed. The debt stems […]


U.S. Supreme Court Poised To Issue Major Abortion Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court is due on Monday to issue its first major abortion ruling since 2007 against a backdrop of unremitting divisions among Americans on the issue and a decades-long decline in the rate at which women terminate pregnancies. The court’s decision on whether a Republican-backed 2013 Texas law placed an undue burden on […]


The regressive left, the progressive right

I was at a party in Beverly Hills last night with a reality star turned movie producer, and as we debated the details of Brexit and the anti-Second Amendment sit-in executed by Democrats in D.C. this week, he said the words, “I trust my government.” I had to admit that in my conservative circles, I […]


‘Gay marriage’ ruling ‘like a shot of heroin in the leftist vein’

What for ages was condemned as immoral, now has moved to the center of America’s national life, and it’s influence is growing. On Friday, President Obama designated the Stonewall Inn in New York City, widely regarded as the birthplace of the homosexual-rights movement, as a national monument. It was just part of the “celebration” of […]


The Brits took their country back!

The British vote stunned the people who are supposed to know what is going on. The elite across the world spouted off endlessly as to what the Brits would do, and why, and what it would mean. Surprise, surprise! It didn’t turn out the way they predicted, and the full effect is yet to be […]